SPinvest investment Updates - 31JAN21

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Ok, this is been a real mess this week trying to get this video uploaded. First off 3speak are having problems so I had to go through youtube this week with takes much longer to upload. Anyways, I did that and made the post on LeoFinance but for some reason, it never created a new post, no no, it edited yesterdays earnings report instead and replaced it with this weeks update video. Sounds like BS, but it's true. So here I am now an hour after the daily posting deadline seeing what has happened.


Maybe im missing something but it's just editing yesterday post when i click on the pencil icon. Let me know if i am doing something silly.

SPinvest Update #12


It could simply be a glitch with LeoFinance. They have been doing some updates and migrations and other things so maybe you caught them at a bad time. I don't think peakd is doing any major updating right now, so if Leo is still giving you fits, try using peakd for a few days, I know you miss out on the leo rewards for using them to post through, but let one of the leo guys know you had a problem and I am sure they will work to resolve it quickly if they are not yet working on it.

Off topic any idea why HBD is currently skyrocketing?


and do you think HIVE will follow suit?

Thanks for the update. For future reference, steem-engine is .net not .com. 😁

Have a fun week!

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