Fortune Follow-ups, Look What They Are Writing and Daily Achievable Goals

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Ok, please cut me some slack. I'm on the mend, but I'm hustling my way to accomplish things that usually are no sweat for me during my daily grinds.

Alright, I am proud of myself for getting a lot of things done today. After the good news that I'm clear, now my mind is pushing me to go that extra step and get things done.

This is the one I look forward to the most, because I want to continue riding the wave with the amazing CTP Swarm and how awesome the action takers are kicking butt and taking down names!

I've done pretty well, bringing folks to my list the last few months on the centralized online marketing side of things, but the fortune as they say is in the follow-up. Jon and his team's PROFIT group of modules reviewing Fortune is a good one to always go back to when your results are not showing up or slowing down. Great Reminder!

I also enjoyed going in and checking out other member's ads to see how they tick and providing them the courtesy they do their members when we are all learning from each other and perhaps one day become customers, partners and/or subscribers on each other's journey to success.

Saw a few subject lines that caught my eye, but wasn't jiving on the ad copy and vice versa. For the most part some creative ads, some cookie cutter and some just plain verbatim from the affiliate site owner's they are borrowing the ad copy from.

Honorable mention: CHRIS SCICLUNA. Love this LCP. Clean, simple and to the point:

Finally, those achievable goals that we set ourselves up with is a nice way to feel a sense of accomplishment. Not making an outrageous list helps lol. Realistic goals to knock out on the daily is always nice.

Posting about Day 15 of the 3 Steps No Excuses "Adventure" is my final accomplishment, because it also meant I completed day 15 to write about it!

What are you waiting for? There is still time. Let's gooooooooo!!



Thank you so very much I really appreciate the shout out, and your review of my LCP :-D