RE: Your Monthly Hive Report ๐Ÿ“๐Ÿ“Š - November 2021


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Dear @mytechtrail

In November (2021), you authored 4 top level posts comprising of 3640 characters. You also entered 40 comments onto the Hive blockchain totaling 4976 characters of text.

You used 1 different categories for your content and hive-163521 was the most popular, chosen 4 times.

The post titled Improved Ham Shack layout earned the most comments with 6 replies.

The post shared with the community the most was improved-ham-shack-layout which was Re-blogged 1 times.

In November, you cast 4475 votes, 0 of these were downvotes, and 0 votes were cast to self.

Your average vote weight (to the nearest whole number) in November was 8%.

You spoke to pixiepost the most, leaving 35 comments and pixiepost spoke to you the most with 31 comments.

You upvoted pixiepost the most, 77 times, and chose to issue 0 downvotes.


Last month, you transferred 0.000 HIVE to @honey-swap and withdrew 0.000 HIVE. You sent 4.990 HIVE to @leodex, and received 0.000 HIVE. And you sent 0.000 HIVE to @hiveswap, and received 0.000 HIVE from @hiveswap (BeeSwap).

You earned 178364.987027 VESTS via Curation, which is approximately 96.201691 Hive Power.

And as an author, you earned 0.052000 HBD, 0.000000 HIVE, and 120.696137 VESTS (approximately 0.065098 Hive Power) in November.

Finally, abh12345 (and his alts) upvoted you 2 times in November 2021!