If Not For Love



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If Not For Love

Looking at the surroundings, one would say it has the aroma of love smelling in the air. How can Edith come out of this mess without being helped out? Edith is someone who is filled with the epitome of beauty. Speaking of the devil, Jerry bounced in with the mind of saying what Edith was expecting after damaging his iPhone by mistake.

The fact remains that they have been in love with each other but were unable to relate the way they both feel for each other. When it comes to the aspect of forgiveness, Jerry can do everything to forgive Edith just because of the round-the-clock untold love surrounding him.

Jerry values his iPhone more than anything else. Everyone had seen and knew this fact and does not go closer to his iPhone even when he leaves it behind or when it is ringing.

Thinking of the surroundings, they work on the same parastatal and in the same office. Every afternoon has been a beautiful one for Jerry as he always takes Edith for launch. This is their break time.

He started calling Edith for lunch the very first day he met her just because of her beauty.
One fine afternoon, Jerry called on Edith but could not respond to his call. His face became pale and sad. He said quietly to himself,

I can't remember offending Edith or doing something bad to her. How come she refused to answer me? Would it be what I'm thinking right now?

After two minutes, she answered with a calm voice.

Please, I'm sorry for not answering you before now. I was busy with my system as my boss asked me to complete work in the next 20 mins. Now, I'm done, so why were you calling me?

Jerry said to himself,

Thank God it was not what I was thinking.
His mind calmed down with passion.

He replied Edith,

I was signaling you to come as we are already on break.

Oh… you are right, I saw it but could not answer just because of what I was busy with. Do you want us to go to the usual place?
Edith replied,

Jerry went inside, got his iPhone, and off they went.
Their break would take just one and a half hours and they must spend it so well.

They were at their usual place and decided to order a plate of rice. He asked Edith to order something. She said, as usual, meaning rice and turkey lap.

They began to gaze at each other and after some time, the gaze faded.

Edith has no money as she was on loan and her salary was so meager when compared to Jerry's. This is something she could only manage as taking care of herself is so important. So, anytime their salary is being paid, Jerry always makes it mandatory to add some money to Edith's account as his salary is on the high side. He was doing this out of sympathy and would always want to continue

The waiter brought Edith's food first and later brought Jerry's food. They began to eat as before and once again started hazing each other. Jerry was unable to say his mind as to what he felt for Edith. Within him, he was contemplating whether to say his mind or to halt. As he was having double thoughts, Edith did the exceptional but was done by mistake.

Jerry was busy with his phone while eating after which he dropped his phone on top of the salt can.

Please, I'm not done with my food but I'm pressed. I need to ease myself.

Jerry, who was in a hurry, dropped the phone where he was supposed not to drop it. Meanwhile, a pale of water was placed beside the spot he dropped the phone.

Edith answered.

He went to the toilet only to meet a queue along the toilet door. Looking at his face, everyone would know he was truly pressed and ready to offload. Out of sympathy, the one at the front gave him a chance to go in. He was so thankful when he came out of the toilet to those who allowed him in.

Edith stood up just to arrange herself and mistakenly hit her hand on the phone which made the phone fall into the can of water. She was not aware the phone fell into the water and balanced up herself. When she sat quietly she noticed the phone was not on the top of the salt can and instead saw it in the pale water.

Ah…. What am I going to tell Jerry about his phone?

It was not too long after Jerry came in and could not find his phone. Edith was short of words but had no choice other than to let the cat out.

uhm….. I mistakenly dropped your phone in the water.

Looking at Jerry's face, it was just as if the rain was about to drop. The look on his face was not too good and so, Edith began to sober up.

Please, I'm sorry for what I have done.

Jerry later broke the silence and spoke :

Since you said it was by accident, there is nothing I could do, and even if it was not, can I kill you? I can never get infuriated with you just because of what I felt for you.

Jerry, out of sympathy, forgave Edith.

She was left with a question on his mind as to Jerry's last statement, LOVE.


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Hello @abigail04, Your description of Edith sounds special, and it's great the way they connect and feel about each other. It would have been nice to get deeper into the dialogue between Edith and Jerry. There was a sense of insecurity from Jerry, but a little more depth to the story could have revealed more about his character.
Your story was still en enjoyable read, and we've added some tips here, from our catalogue of fiction writing tips. For example, we have tips on developing characters in your stories, and integrating action, dialogue and narrative. These resources can help you learn how to include the important elements of fiction in your stories.


Well. The things we do to forgive those who hurt us in the most worst ways. That's what your story depicts to me. Jerry forgave Edith despite the bad mistake because he truly loved her.


Love can change us. For someone who used to be strict with his phone, he's a changed man already.