Soner Arkan


She was hearing footsteps approaching and even very close to her, and yet not seeing anyone or anything making such steps. Who would be making such sounds in the middle of the night? Alicia asked calmly with fears that surrounded her. She opened the door and behold a cold breeze blew across her and the brother was misbehaving showing a sign of some sort of spirit talking instead of her brother. She was scared

It happens when Mumeen was in tears just because of the evil spirit that surrounds him. Fear gripped Alicia as her only brother was into this kind of tormenting spirit. She could not say a word and instead moved directly to the forest to look for a solution as this was the only way out.

Leaving Mumeen at home alone was her immediate fear as the spirit in him was making him not at rest and also misbehaving. Alicia has no choice other than to leave him behind just to look for a solution to his problem.

Alicia was able to go to the forest to meet up with the top wizard with the description shown to her. She walked through the thick forest during the day time but was filled with fear. The wizard had known the reason she came to meet up with him. He said to Alicia,

The evil and unwanted spirits in your brother's body are so intense and stubborn. To cast it out, there is an incantation I will give to you. Make sure you leave here by night or else, the spirit would disturb your brother to the fullest.

Alicia waited until it was nightfall. She was afraid of what might happen to her but yet was courageous enough to walk through anyways. Her house was just a few kilometers from the forest. As she walked through the forest at midnight, some swarm of fireflies, just as what she saw them be, flew toward her and at her back. They were flying alongside her unknowingly. The light sparkles moved and immediately splashed their light and stopped immediately just like the occurrence of the lightning coming at once and stopping. Alicia became afraid and had her mind in her hands.

She had just some distance to get to her abode. As she walked through the night without torch-light air or any spice of light, she began to shiver. There was a tree that fell on the road as she was going to the wizard's shrine and now she had forgotten that such a tree exists. As she walked, she hit her legs on the tree and immediately the light sparkles came in the form of fire but this time it was at once. Immediately she stood up and began to run. As she was running she looked and saw nothing. This surprised her.

The sparkles came in again and immediately threw their light which came in the form of a human shape. She got afraid once again. She began to think of what she could do to get home but was left without an idea.

Some minutes later, she saw the light sparkle and was out of her mind. Then, she heard a voice saying

"now you are at home, I can go back safely"

She turned back but saw no one. She thought to herself,

So, it was the wizard who was directing me all this while.

As she opened the door wanting to enter, an unwanted breeze followed her in and made her so afraid. She asked, "who are you?" She asked more than three times but no one responded. She called on her younger brother, Mumeen, but he could not answer. Immediately she began to panic, and in fear. She was so filled up with terror within her and was concerned for her brother's health.

She called again and immediately he booms..out with a different voice.

I know what you carry. I know you have gone to meet up with someone to remove me from your brother's body, but I won't leave. Anything you say and do won't change anything. So stay on your own or else, it won't be nice for you.

Immediately the voice stopped, there was a cold that passed by her but this time was just like those sparkles in the forest. It came just like boooommmm… Alicia shouted. Fear gripped her heart and overtook everything within her.

This gave her the mind to go ahead on her quest. She made the incantations she was given by the wizard and behold, her brother Mumeen was normal. The evil spirits had left his body, she thought to herself. Mumeen fainted only to wake up when there was a knock at their door. She rushed to meet him and hugged him.

She said

Who must it be tonight? I'm afraid of opening the door as the spirit had just left the house.

The knock was hard this time and a voice shouted from the other side which was just like her uncle's. Alicia went ahead to open the door. She said to him,

I'm sorry for not responding on time. It was because of what had happened to Mumeen.

It was not until four minutes after explaining, she heard a sound from the room. It was just as if footsteps were approaching. Alicia remembered the way the evil spirit got into her brother's body. Her uncle went first and Alicia followed for a short while, but Mumeen was still seated.

As she got to the door side, she felt a cold breeze just like the one she had felt before. As she opened the door, she saw a sparkle of light which made her run to the parlor. Mummen was afraid and wanted to dash into the air but it was late at night. It was so hard to find their way out as everywhere was dark. Her uncle was still inside. The table lamp they were having got tripped off leaving in total darkness. Alicia summoned courage and went back to the room, to her surprise, it.was her uncle who had lit up a candle.

She went in and the evil spirit was still wandering about unknowingly to them. It finally found another refuge in her uncle's body. Alicia saw yet again a glim of light in her uncle's eyes and began to shout. No one was there to rescue her and her younger brother. She managed to dash to where she dropped the incantation note. She brought it out and again started the incantations.

The evil spirit came out from her uncle's body and this time dashed into the thin air. The uncle fainted and got up in the morning.

They were saved from the evil spirit forever.


You've created a very spooky story, @abigail04. Thank you for this spine-tingling tale!

It was a bit confusing at times where Alicia was going, and when. For example, the wizard says that she has to travel by night. Then it says she waited until dawn (which is the first light of the morning), and then it says she walked through the forest at midnight.

Anyway, you told a complex and interesting story, and it resolves well in the end!


Thanks a lot. I'm done correcting the errors.
I do appreciate