The Sanctuary Of Victory

Malc Finch
The Sanctuary Of Victory

He was the greatest in his time and the greatest who has come out victorious in all ways. During his reign, suffering was eradicated and eroded totally.

Davis has been the king who was the apple of people's eyes. He had two children who happened to be his hope in life as he had lost his only love. He lost the one who gave birth to his precious children. Ever since he lost his wife, he refused to get married to another woman just to show you the gravity to which he loved his wife.

He always won any form of war he had embarked on which made him the best in his community.

Molly happened to be born when the moon's shadow was cast on her mother. This made her acquire the power to command the darkness whenever there is an invader. She is the only one who can command the weather of the whole of the land of Neem.

Lancaster was born when there was an eclipse of the moon. This made him acquire the power to change the darkness to daylight. Lancaster is the father's favourite as he was the one to sit on his father's throne.

The city of Manhattan was the enemy city and they didn't want to make friends with anyone from the city of Neem. It was said from the old that those from the city of Manhattan are filled with charms that can destroy people's lives. They are the wicked entities in the whole of the continent.

To break their bones and cast them to respect the change, they need to be taught some great lessons. Lessons they would ever live to remember. A lesson that would serve as a mark on the city of Manhattan.

The ones who have been destined to make this happen are the two siblings, Lancaster and Molly. When it was down, the two went hunting at the end of the city. When they entered the forest, they exceeded their limit and suddenly, some wicked witches from the city of Manhattan appeared and interceded. They were not prepared and not ready to make any form of the fight against them; instead, they ran into a holy ground which happened to be the Sanctuary which everyone feared most. No one dares perform any form of witchcraft in the Sanctuary. So, Lancaster and Molly went straight into the Sanctuary ground which made them safe as that was not the day they would take revenge on the City of Manhattan.

They stayed for four days before proceeding to their land. The witches in the city of Manhattan have awoken the sleeping lion. They have been waiting for this day to come and now they have to take revenge to destroy the once wickedness in the greatest continent ever built by their forefathers. It was supposed to be built on love but now was made to fall to the part of wickedness.

Lancaster and Molly got prepared and fortified by the only wizard of the land and the only one who has lived for more than five hundred years. He has seen death but refused to die just because of the rebirth of vindication that he has been waiting for. When the City of Manhattan is taken down would be when he would take a successor and go back to those who had sent him. He has saved the people of Neem and so wants to leave peacefully but must finish what he was waiting for.

Lancaster and Molly had been fortified and it was moonlight late at night. They entered the city of Manhattan but first visited the sanctuary close to the boundary just to receive prayers from the keeper and the God of the host. They saw the sanctuary by chance and did not want to let go of it; instead wanted to make it the holiest place when they returned from the quest.

They embark on the journey but have received blessings from their father, the king. The great witch of the land of Manhattan has seen them coming and has prepared greatly a trap which no one should detect. She never knew that Lancaster has the power to see all things most especially when it is moonlight. He can change the night to day.

The witch had already made the day into the night but yet, the two siblings saw the trap and set it more for their enemies to fall on. After some time, they were at the other side observing when some of the warriors sent to capture them fell into the trap and all withered into the thin air. They disappeared into the Moon.

Lancaster observed the way the witches had changed the moonlight into sudden darkness and decided to convert it back to normal. This made them succeed with the powers of the witches. The witches were weak and harmless. Suddenly, they went straight to the palace just as if they were disappearing. A sudden power came over the two siblings and immediately captured the king of Manhattan.

He was taken to the sanctuary for deliverance as witches had taken over his heart adding up a stone heart as a replacement. He was a good man but his spirit of good conduct was tied into the moon by the witches. They only want to have the city all by themselves instead of calmly living in the city. Now they are gone for good and Molly has vanished them into the moon where they came from never to return.

Victory!!! Victory!!! Victory!!! As the people of Neem hailed Lancaster and Molly.

Now, the wizard named a little boy who knew nothing as the successor and immediately left the world without the evidence of death.

King Davis lived for four years and left power to Lancaster who was the greatest of the kings that has ruled in the land of Neem and were the great king that was in control of the king of Manhattan.

After some months, the sanctuary was made the place of prayer for both the people of Manhattan and the city of Neem. The king of Manhattan now became a changed man and now has gone back to reunite his people with