You Don't Need A Head Start, But It's Highly Welcomed


I was thinking this morning about that guy who bought two pizzas for $20,000 some ten years ago and the ones "selling Bitcoin at $100 for profit" and it stroke me: you don't need a head start to make it, but man how sweet would have been if I had 10,000 Bitcoin right now.

I have two friends that are into the local cruise boats business and both of them have started pretty much the same time. One of them has managed to buy himself a bigger boat after the first year of activity, the other has done that only after two years of activity.

We don't live in a country with a great economy, thus investing around $30,000 in a new boat is not something anyone can afford, but you can make good money with that. The one that has bought his new boat one year after, now owns two of them and is making money with both of them.


Because he had a strategy, a vision, some really good marketing and is a hustler. He didn't just settle for a good profit and he didn't got shaken out by adversity. Same thing happens in crypto. Some of us are early adopters and doing great while others are newcomers, considering that probably less than 5% of the population owns crypto, we're all early adopters.

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Being an early adopter doesn't grant you anything, if you don't do something to make those seeds grow into tall trees. You can be an early adopter and throw away your hard drive full with Bitcoin or you can spend 10,000 of them on two damn pizza.

It's not too late to enter crypto, I believe that we still have good years ahead for individuals to have a sit at the table of this era of abundance. It makes a huge difference though on what do you do while at the table. I've seen that on Hive as well. Quite a few newcomers are outperforming old users in terms of growth.

BTC is probably not looking tasty at all at $30,000 or ETH at $2,000, but when you envision where this thing is going and when you open your eyes towards the collapse of the global economy as we know it and how everything's becoming digital, you realize that having a handful of crypto is highly welcomed for the years ahead.

Can you imagine what will happen when ETH reaches $30,000 or HIVE hits $10 or more?

I tell you what's going to happen... we're gonna witness probably the biggest FOMO on a type of assets that has ever existed. At one point a break out will occur in exposure and masses will rush into getting a piece of the crypto pie. For the ones buying small portions of ETH at $30,000, being able to do that at $2,000 or lower would have been a dream.

We kind of have a head start in here, but are we appreciating it as we should?

Don't be like that friend of mine who was lazy and unorganized so you don't get stuck in mediocrity. I believe that we're still early with crypto and it's the best time to build. There's basically no excuse for not doing anything crypto right now... A head start doesn't grant anything though, but why not take it.

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I strongly believe so, and like I and my friend @successfull always remind each other how lucky we are to be on hive and how early we still are on hive. It can not be over emphasized, bitcoin is just starting its just barely above 10 years. Compare it to other sectors like gold, stock, bonds and ETFs. To me, crypto and bitcoin have done pretty well for the amount of years they were created. Let’s watch and see, with time our generations to come will be glad we found hive this early.