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Few days ago, I was navigating through my Noise Cash feed and found an interesting post by Esmee. I don't know her Hive account. She writes an interesting question, basically asking: Why cripto? What do you wish to achieve using it?

I leaved my answer on her post:


Despite I'm kind of immersed on this world since 2017, this question made me think a bit about what I want to achieve, besides earning some income I could spend.

After thinking some seconds, I realize that all we want to achieve using crypto is basically one think: freedom. And with that word, some other things comes to my mind just like I wrote on the reply.

How do we achieve freedom using crypto?

From my perspective, living in a country like Venezuela, crypto bring us freedom through many ways.

I don't know how this is managed in your country, but opening a bank account in my country can become an odissey in some cases. You need papework that can be very difficult to get, and the price of copys and impressions is very expensive for many venezuelans.

You can't send money to your family in another country without much trouble, basically because there is an imaginary border. Cryptocurrencies have no borders, no restriction to anyone who wants to send money to his family or anyone else. You only need an internet connection.

Cryptocurrencies have no nationality, so you are directly connected to a free market world economy and not subjected to the decisions of a few politicians of your country, causing a way of taxes unregulted by law: inflation. And if your country reach the hyperinflation, cryptocurrencies is your perfect medicine.

Crypto allows payments in seconds, you can verify them visualizing the blockchain at any time. In Venezuela, it is hard to find cash, and sometimes bank lines are colapsed. Another payment methods such as Zelle are not available for the majority of the population.

Using crpto, we are getting out of the control of third partys, and we are fully responsabile for our wallet. Besides it allows to build platforms, projects, games, social media, and a lot of thing based on cryptos and blockhain. Hive and LeoFinance are excellent examples of it.

I think that one of the main problems of crypto adoption is that responsability and liberty are two concepts not easy to asimilate and practice, so a lot of people are not going to leave the "comfort" provided by third partyes...

In short, crypto bring us the freedom to possess an scarce digital active, and the freedom to build something, as we do here on Hive/LeoFinance.

So, what is your WHY for crypto?

I'm on Noise Cash:

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