The higher we move in HIVE the sweeter it becomes to HIVE.

Each day in #HIVE COMMUNITY comes with a lot of challenging experience and with lots more to learn from those challenges too.

A child of a year and six months must have learnt one or two things from the parents and relatives around. My stay in hive for this one year and six months have opened my eyes to lots of things. I have had so many opportunities, so many good vibes from my hive friends. This is a testimony from me because I feel that HIVE BLOCKCHAIN has added alot of value to my life and that ofy family.


The only regret that I have is that i was not privileged to come yo hive Blockchain at the time when I was first introduced to it. As i see people around the Blockchain, I noticed that aome have been in this Blockchain for more than three years now and they are doing pretty well. I do envy them and also wished that things turned the other way round. But I still encourage myself because I know that God's time is the best. We may wish that something happened the way we want, but God plans everything to suit his plans for our lives.

HIVE is a place to be, and I have come to stay. I have friends that I introduced to the Blockchain and they are doing very good. More are still coming over to join the Blockchain.

That will be all for today. I will sing this love song for hive some other time.

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