Ask Leo: How much Leo power will be strong enough to create threads in #Leothreads


It's a good time, here again, to report my activity in Leothreads today.

Yesterday when I first joined the threads it was very interesting and fun to meet some bigwigs and celebrities, I do my best to contribute to people's threads and was rewarded for the little time I spent there, yes just a little time. LOL.
I'm assuring you leothreads is for everyone. I can easily increase my engagement and have some connections in the community through the #threads.

New Day Experience

I was too busy today to visit #leothreads on time, so I visit the moment I'm done taking care of the chickens that are ready to take to the next market.
I'll check the leothreads page to see how it goes though, I saw a thread from a friend who complained to me yesterday, he also has a problem with #threads. I replied with "welcome" after trying to create my thread but I couldn't, I can only reply to people's #threads, this is exactly what I experienced yesterday in #leothreads and same thing today.
I think this is all have to do with credit resources, I noticed when I waited for like some hours before I was able to made my first #thread.
likewise my friend who creates a #thread after that he can't reply to a thread or create another, but I can reply the moment I have not yet create a thread. So it really confused and deprived me of using it frequently.

My question is: How much Leo power will be enough to create a thread in #leothreads?

If so, I think I need a big Leo delegation.

What are your thoughts on this?

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