Ask Leo - Till When........

When are we going to deal with this inflation? Till when the price will fall back.

Inflation had not hit so bad like this since I was growing up, years back we get things at a cheaper rate and still have enough to spend on other things, thou the world is moving and we are moving with it. Even though we are moving with the world that doesn't mean things get out of hand like the prices of goods escalating every day and the cost of living getting high alongside. This make many people lose their home because they can't stake the price. All their income is been eating by inflation.


Well, the hyperinflation hit all over the world, not only in your country if you try asking a friend from another country they will tell you how they deal with their own cost of living. But what baffled me is what might cause it to hit all the nation like that and till when are we going to deal with this.......

I believe there is nothing left that has not increased, starting from the price of gas which is now 20% high than the normal price, goods at the market. This is getting worst every day people are suffering and smiling they can't afford it anymore. If something might even want to raise that should be wages and salaries not what people are consuming every day, not what people can't live without, but No! Wages and salaries are stagnant, with no increment almost all the income goes on spending, and nothing is left for savings because the cost of living is high.

Likely soon this will cause a crisis and probably people will wage a war with the government for the improper regulations, for giving us $300 and taking back $290.

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