Ask Leo - What if there was no cryptocurrency, what would happen?

The mainstream media is constantly bombarding us with information about the latest Bitcoin price and how to get involved in the cryptocurrency craze. We all love the idea of being independent with our money without any goverment controlled, but what if we were to live in a world where cryptocurrencies never existed?

Let me explore what the world looked like without crypto and what would happen to society.


What would society be like without cryptocurrency

Everyone around crypto is beneficiary because it have a lot of effect on the society. Without cryptocurrency there is no doubts society will still exist, but it would be a lot different. Many people would be without a job and without their means of income I think you know that.

Apart from using it as mode of payment which is very useful for every individual that deal with crypto to buy what they want, when they want. This would also lead to a lot of people being unable to pay their bills on time, let alone keep up with mortgage payments. Without cryptocurrency, there would be no blockchain technology, which would lead to a lot of people being without jobs as well, myself wouldn't be here same thing applicable to you. if there is no crypto there would be no blockchain and if there is no blockchain, there would be no Hive blockchain, society would be a lot worse off

What if there was no cryptocurrency? It would be a very different world. For starters, there would be no blockchain technology. Companies would be unable to execute business transactions without the use of a digital currency, which would limit their growth. They would also be unable to accept digital currency as a payment, which would limit the number of customers they can serve. This would also make it difficult for retailers to operate and accept digital currency, which would limit their ability to grow as well.

Infact cryptocurrency make the society interesting being independent with our asset and make both economy and technology grow more faster. With crypto we can make a huge transaction which is likely not possible with banking system. But still get confused to me when some people still looks at cryptocurreny and said is scammed and is likely not for it to have future and be forgotten in years time, although if this was not created the world might still exist but would it be like this?

This is a question I need to ask the brilliant mind in the community "If cryptocurrency was not created, what would happen?

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