Seeking for brighter future with hive

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Building up an account is not easy especially small accounts that have a low reputation, it will get to the extent where you'll get discouraged and want to quit in the journey but believe my success is awaiting if you keep the consistency and strive to achieve your goals.

I had a tough time building my account on hive blockchain but I don't mind because nothing comes easy so I have to bear the consequences to get to the top.

Within 5 months I have a massive growth that I don't believe I could achieve and I have never experienced such growth when I start on this blockchain, it was a great step to the top, hence I believe we all have one thing in common that's is our HP, each everyone starts initially with 0HP both the whales and the small fish but some work so hard with their time and resources to get to the top
Let me relate this journey on the hive with a biblical story, hive blockchain is the master we are the servant, so the master gives his servant money when traveling that is the same account with the same 0HP given to everyone, some went to invest and have a profit while some keep it without making use of it, those that make us of it have good profits and they were put ahead of others. That's a simple definition of our blockchain and we.

In nutshell, the hive is a nice place to be and the most important thing we need to put into consideration on the hive blockchain is our reputation, it means a lot, therefore building an account is most prominent with our persistence and consistency.

However, this August will be my two years on hive blockchain, but before I could realize this blockchain gives me numerous advantages to be Financially Free it almost a year of creating an account, therefore I come to start watering the plant I leave behind against my future and I believe with the patient I will secure a better life ahead of me and my coming children.

Nobody knows the payday, therefore, the best to do is to keep the consistency and never relent and that is exactly what is doing. I live a life of a Boss I don't die easy I'm die-hard because I've already made this place my home so I don't have anywhere but to keep patient and seek the future nobody is ready to give me, the future my government is not ready to give me with hive blockchain.

Wherever you see my post teaches me a new thing that will contribute to my success so I will have a brighter future. Always admire the presence of a layman.

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