WE110: Weekend Engagement: Aligned them and Erase them

What if you could erase memories
If you had the power to erase the memory of three people, either alive now or from history, who would you choose and why? What impact do you feel it would have?

This is a difficult question to answer but there are so many people who have done so much bad for the world and there are also those who deserve to be forgotten. However, there are also people who would be surprised if they were erased from memory, but if I had to choose three, I would choose between those who harm the world, my dead friend and bad government.

People who hurt the world

I want to erase the memories of the people who have done so much damage to the world, putting many lives in danger. Leaving many families homeless, sent many to the early grave with there evil deeds. In my country, there are terrorist groups that have not yet been identified by the government. Whenever you have news on the radio or television, it will definitely be an unknown gunmen. Who are the unknown gunmen, who are they? It is a question that has no answer in Nigeria. All we know is a group of terrorists responsible for killing an innocent, kidnapping and sending many to their graves. Everyone lives in fear, the country is not peaceful, the white color of our flag has changed to "innocent blood" red. So whoever disturbing the peace of the nation should be erase before they cause so more damage.

My friend

The memory of a lost person is hardly forgotten, especially those who are close to you or are good to you when they are still alive. They may not be alive anymore, but the memory you previously shared with them will be taken to erase uneasy when you find something you both do together. Therefore, I would also like to erase the memories of my late friend Sunday Adeniyi. He is a good friend I learned a lot from him how to live alone without the support of your family and the motivation to keep doing your best to reach the top without aspiring to anyone for help. I learned that from him and more. I was shocked when I heard that they announced his death, I spoke with him a week before and he told me that he was not well, I thought it was just malaria, but I don't know it is a sign of a call from God. So whenever I meet her mother I feel pity for the old woman, Sunday was only Son to his mother. May he rest in peace 💔

Bad government

It would eventually erase the memory of a bad government that ate our tommorow. When a developed country faces problems like unemployment, poor education, the future of these countries is eaten by bad government. To take my country as an example, Nigeria, a country with a federal constitution as of January 2022, has so far been unable to find a way to resolve a strike.
Earlier this year, the Association of Universities and Colleges filed claims that the Nigerian government owned them with money worth billions of naira and they have been on strike since January. Many students are busy at home doing what they are not allowed to do, and many have lost their lives because of this longest strike that government don't even bother to resolve, all their focus are on coming presidential election in the year coming.
The death of student who was murdered a month ago in her place in Sharwama was murdered when a robbery invaded a supermarket some month ago was what strive my anger toward the bad government and the memory must be erase.
The girl was studying at the university in nigeria, she spent several months at her house due to strike and decided to look for something under it not to be a workshop of the devil but more late to become a ghost because she was not at school.


I would want to erase the memories of those in prison without no crime, they deserve a second chance in life.

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