[WE113] My Forever Outfit

The forever outfit:
If you had to wear the same outfit every day for the rest of your life what would you choose and why? Bonus points for showing us your photos wearing it.

Everyone knows it sounds good in theory, but do I want to commit to wearing the same thing every day?

Many will think that it is boring to wear the same clothes every day, only a crazy person does that, but when you look at current fashion, clothing has become associated with our individuality and defines who we are. So committing to dressing a single wear every day can seem boring these days.

Being fashionable alone can hide the boredom of what we wear and could change our perception, but it doesn't matter, boring or interesting shouldn't make us forget who we are.

I have questions to ask you before I tell you what wears I would like to wear every day if I could.

Why do people wear clothes?

It's a question I can't answer, but we know that we come into this world naked, and that's the natural way for everyone in this world, but moments after we're born we're wrapped in clothes, and from that point each of us adopts clothes and we are the only species that wear clothes, I hope you know that.

Going back to the question “If I had to wear the same outfit every day for the rest of my life, which one would I choose and why?

ANSWER: White Garment (Sutana)

Sutana is a garment that is common in some parts of the church in Africa, specifically in Nigeria, the white material has a fancy way of sewing that makes it look different from what others wear.
Sutana is a common dress among cherubim churches, celestial churches, and even catholic fathers wear something white in their auditorium not only in Nigeria.

Wearing the Sutana every day is not something new for me because I am a member of the church mentioned above and it is not a difficult thing for us because I have wore the Sutana for a good seven days without changing it when I have special prayer in church then.

Also, almost all of the aforementioned church pastors stay on church premises, and their doctrine is that those who stay on church premises should not have any uniform other than white clothing, therefore, I don't choose it based on my membership.
However, before I could consider sutana as my forever outfit I have to look into some objections;

How many pairs of sutana should I have?

White is a type of clothing that gives glory and needs maintenance, so when it comes to wearing the same clothes every day, you have to think about maintenance, especially white, which is difficult to maintain. This comes with having multiple pairs in the rotation for a good look.
I can only speak for myself. I would go for five Sutana. Then I would rotate daily to maintain the life and quality of my sutana

What about the weather?

I can go through hardships in the cold season, so I would think about adding a cold weather garment, something like an iconic jacket to wear with my current life.

What about special occasions?

It is undeniable that I may have some unique occasions to attend, such as sporting events, church, funerals, etc.
In these cases, I have no choice but to go to these occasions in my cassock and live the life of a Pope.

Why did I choose Sutana out of all the clothes?

When we come into this world we are naked, but when we leave the world, our bodies will be wrapped in nothing but white clothes for our permanent home (grave). Therefore, I would like to use white from time to time before I live no more.

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