Weekend at cocoa farm for plantation

Hello everyone,

I practiced soccer with a group of boys in my resident's village, I always join them in the afternoons after school, most of them are my students. I played with them as brothers and exchanged nice things as a partner.
Last Friday the coach announced that he has work to do on the farm, if they get the chance they should help him with the small job, I was a stranger in the village myself, I have to volunteer just because I want to visit the cocoa farm.


Nigeria is one of the highest cocoa production country in Africa, It was a privileged serve is this such state where local raw food are been produce.

The next morning I got up earlier to meet them at the farm, exactly at 7 am on Saturday morning I went to the intersection and waited for them. It was so amazing that a group of pilsner people showed up to help the coach at the farm plant, I was so excited I wanted to have fun on the farm.

The farm is 30 minutes from the town, so we take a walk. Even happy to take a walk, because I'll definitely be taking some photos on the way to the farm.



My first experience on the road, the farm road was very bad, only the bike without exhaust can struggling to get into the farm road, Ford or other four-wheel drive can not dare, therefore the farm road is called 'Satan Road'.haahaa.

After a short walk, each of us arrived at the farm and everyone was given a task to do to make the cocoa plantation go faster, except me, who did not give me any task.
The area of ​​land to plant cocoa is 2 hectares of land. Some have to take the cocoa nursery to the patio, others dig the soil, while others have to plant, I stay under those who want to plant just so as not to go in vain without doing anything.



It was an experience for me for the first time to be in a cocoa plantation.

how do we plant

The first group of people used a digger to dig around the ground, and was about 10 meters away from each hole.


Those who supply the nursery will drop it next to the one who plants, and from there we collect and tear the bottom of the Lyon and fasten it in the hole accordingly, and cover it with sand.
I myself have planted no less than 1,500 cocoa nurseries, although I do not count them, but I could even if not more than 1,500.





The first working set ended exactly1 pm for everyone to rest, the guys went to the swamp area and drank some water. I stop and look at them I couldn't drink such water From the swamp.




from my standing I noticed a crab from the distance to the water I drop my phone to pick it up, unfortunately I end up in trouble. I didn't realize that crab has sharp teeth, the crab bites me with the teeth of that fork and my hand bled badly as soon as it fell off some came to help me shut the mouth with a stick.





Who gives this kind of creature a sharp-toothed fork like this, ohhh God is questionable.
Others continued back to finish the remaining work, but I couldn't do anything else. I was tired and feeling the bite of the crab that's a good excuse for me. Lol






I sat in the shade of a tree around 5 o'clock, in my sitting position I had another bad experience as soon as the sun goes down, there is another group of flies called sun fly that started to bother my ear and nose. The fly looks exactly like the housefly, but a bit smaller. OMG! The sound of the fly is disgusting to my ear. I almost hit myself, it gets so more the more I clap to kill them. In next few hours we done with the planting.

It was an experience in my life time to partake in cocoa plantation, I believe in next five years the plant will start producing cocoa seed and the owner will remember then I'm part of the team that plant it

Best moments are the one we shared

Thanks for Reading, hope you had a good experience with me.

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