I am really excited and grateful to be part of this wonderful platform.

My name is Adegoke adetoun from Nigeria. I am from a family of eight (8)

This is indeed a dream come true for me as I have always long to be a part of blockchain, and the community as well.

My first glance about the Hive blockchain was from @kuse6051. He explained to me first hand about what was done here and how it's being done.

Well,As a newbie, definitely, things didn't really work out well at first, as I can't really understand what this platform is all about.

Which I still don't know,but I am sure I will get every details of it as time goes by, fortunately, I remember that he kept hammering on upvoting, down voting and plagiarism

To not dive into what you all already know which I am still struggling to understand. Let me tell you more about what I love and how I am here to add value to the community.

Starting with things I like and have passion for ;

I love dancing and singing, I am sure most people like that too?

I love music

i do have passion for learning new things just like I now learned about this platform, this is my favorite though.

My Favorites

Colour- Pink
Food - Rice
Football club - Chelsea
Favorite person- My parents
Favorite(Nigerian) hip hop artist - David, wizkid
Foreign artist - justin bieber, westlife
I think this are few facts about me and with time you'll all know me better than this.

One last thing that @kuse6051 told me was that the communities we have on the Hive block chain.

I think it'll be a good idea to check everything out, diversify and get involve in each community.

I plan to be an active member of the leofinance community, which he told me is a place for learning more about crypto and finance, ohhh, I'm so looking forward to that.

I guess I have alot to learn here so I would love to say a big thumbs up to every member and Admin of this great platform of learning and opportunities. Kudos.

Time they say is money, and it waits for no man. So I think I'll take a pause hete today, which marks my first day on the decentralized social media.

There's no doubt that the crypto currency world is here to stay and shape the future of wealth creation.

On this note, it's my pleasure to join the revolution that will bring freedom to the world.

Thanks for reading @adetoun

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