Knowledge is Not Power But Knowledge Could Be Power..


after discussing with best friend on discord i got permission to write here And article that belong to #mindset #motivation #Hope
with more then 400 words after my first post
we always set a Hope and Try to Live better to Yesterday Sometimes we afraid to current situation and Lost Hope


Knowledge is Not Power
we cant fight with any one ever he is bigger or shorter but we can defeat him with technically

1 Minute Please

The true Hero of the down trodden is someone who dissuades peoples from their misconceptions about the important truths in their life.
that call the champion
We have told, ever since we were little, that true power resides in knowledge and wisdom.
‘Knowledge is power!’goes the old saying, indicating that by gaining knowledge, you'll be powerful'.
But if that was the case, philosophers and scientists would be ruling over the earth by now.
You always hear students whining about the uselessness of mathematics physics and sophisticated equations in their life style .
Our philosophical beliefs, our mindset and concepts about the longer term , our thoughts on economy and society…
All of those are things we learn from people and intelligent minds that have shaped the inspiration of communal life on planet .
many other constantly moved by what you read on this blog,

But most of the

people try to forget what they read after two days/
How many of my thoughts and methods does one think are implemente over the years?
my Answer can also be disappointing,but there are many thing store also but the question raised is worth your wisdom thoughts ...
Knowledge doesn't inherently breed power, but it are often wont to manipulate the occurrence of things within the world surrounding you.
The more knowledge-able you are the more capable you'll prove when it involves solving problems that need a pointy mind and a profound wisdom.
Without action or motion, knowledge is simply the thought of learning something and forgetting it after a short time .
80% percent of what you learn in class , at the very least, is lost to you as time passes.
The equation of life may be a little more complicated than that.
Assume that the collective intelligence with the world is simply a ladder which will assist you climb the steps of success with out any demand.
Without that motion, the ladder is simply a ladder you'll watch from afar.
From now on, approach the ladder and begin climbing.....!

My Best hopes

for all Block-chain User and any other who sit on the chair and thoughts he will be famous
any way have a Good time Learn more for Change your Thought
with US @adikhen


At first I was wondering what was going on with this post but now I get it. It's indeed true, knowledge that doesn't shape your life or that you can't apply is a waste of brain cells. Nice piece


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