Set your Hope and live Long #projectHope


Specially Thnks for @emsonic to invite me here at writing post in this huge community.


There are many things happening in life we face difficulties and sometimes we lost hope and sometimes we cry but remember Jesus love us he don't want to see you in trouble
He just learned you a lesson and show you how to fight
i am NeW
I am artist and gamer in this community my first post about me about knowing and learning this #hope


what this community love

I am an artist at nftartshowroom
I am verified artist at onchainart community free writer i want to write about mind set for this community
I am 24 form unkrain
My work is belong to helping the people.
I am so surprised hive touch 1usd today i hope its will be stronger. More
This si my art that is sowing in picture that is intro
I created i hope i can get more information
. I see this amazing token and finally beat the #steem
Hi hivers if you want to be rich just hold hive
Its giving you 80%


Welcome to the community! For me as a nft lover, it is lovely to see you around here ♥ ️.

For now I only have a cell phone so I can't do nft !, and I'm waiting for there to be a solution for Android that allows it to be done in a simple way.

So far I know that they can be done via computer using Electron Cash SLP, Unfortunately this application is not available for Android, so until I have access to a computer I will not be able to test this genius.

I am a fan of zombies (zombie SLP fan), I am collecting it and I will be attentive to continue your work.

I am seriously very happy that you have decided to come to this platform, I know that many people are going to be delighted with your work.

I suggest you make a post explaining how you create NFTs, you are sure to receive impressive support for it!.

You really enjoy this magnificent platform and the content that we share here, I am a curator of the project Hope community, and I've been a blogger / short story writer for over 20 years.

Welcome dude♥️👍🏼