8 marketing strategies to reach Generation G


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  1. Shared generosity (co-donate)
    First you have understand social responsibility, charity and good causes. In this typical age of collaboration approach, companies ask consumers to participate and co-donate in ecological, humanitarian or social projects. An example: an adopt a consumer type action where someone buys something for themselves, and in doing so, directly or indirectly, buys a similar product for someone less well off.


  1. Eco-generosity
    Sooner or later the only way to stand out will be to go the extra mile and be eco-generous. That is, to think about how to really energize the environment instead of just limiting the damage.

  2. Love Free ( free love )
    The continuing rise of freebies offered to consumers led to a real war: the companies do everything to attract attention.

  3. brand janitors ( brand butlers )
    Brands must sharpen their skills of concierge" or butler to help customers better live their daily lives.

  4. The little extras ( perkonomics )
    Elements added to standard products aim to satisfy the ever-growing desire of consumers for new privileges, exclusives and amenities. For the company, it is about escaping the trivialization of its products and attracting attention.

  5. Acts of kindness unconditionally ( random act of kindness )
    The desire for sincerity consumers and their need for human contact shall ensure that all acts of kindness free will be one of the most effective ways to communicate with them.

  6. Rewards ( Reward Inc. )
    Increasingly, “brands” reward customers who interact with them.

  7. Try before you buy ( tryvertising )
    Related to the distribution of free samples to test, these offers are concrete and targeted, the objects tangible and completely free. But while traditional sample placement aims to distribute a new product in large quantities, tryvertising focuses on following up on the consumer's opinion.

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