Bonus: 7 ways to be loved by your customers


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I just discovered some of the useful tips for 7 ways to make customers love you, and I couldn't resist the urge to add it as a bonus.


The biggest compliment you can get in business is “I love working with you. Here are seven rules that will make your clients love working with you:

Building the relationship is more important than making the sale.

Create opportunities to buy (for the customer), rather than opportunities to sell (for you).

Have a real conversation and not a “sales pitch”.
Be curious about the customer's person and let the relationship grow from there.

Don't try to be a hero rushing to solve the customer's problem.

Be confident that you and your business are the best at what you do.

Deliver exactly what you promise to deliver, no matter what.

In conclusion

Prospecting is a complex process that involves more than putting together a list of names to contact and convince. Preparing and orienting the meeting correctly involves decoding what type of buyer you are contacting and adapting to their personality.

If the methods of traditional marketing are no longer successful, it is because they apply the same formulas exclusively focused on the offer of products and services regardless of the type of buyer. No wonder these negotiations often end in price battles.

Neuromarketing teaches us to focus our energy on the buyer's brain, on his behavior, his emotions, his habits. The key then is to find the formula that will bring the prospect to the purchase. And the price is no longer an obstacle since it is no longer the price that gives the impulse to purchase. Motivation or manipulation? Discussions are lively.

Finally, common sense marketing tends to view the prospect as a human being to be considered and respected. If your offer interests him, comes at the right time and if the “current” is going; if he feels passionate and trustworthy, there's a good chance the “sauce will take”.

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Hello @adityajainxds
Excellent information, very important your analysis and approach to the subject.
Particularly I think it is very important to take into consideration each of the aspects you mention and develop your own marketing strategy.
Motivation or Manipulation? my answer is a combination of both but with your personal touch.
Thanks for such a productive read.
Have a great weekend.
Best Regards.


greetings, in the world of sales there are two types of companies the first is the one that everyone likes to do business and the second is the one that people do business only if necessary, what differentiates one from the other is that the first one, promises and delivers what it promises, this type of company knows its limitations and does not promise what it is not willing to deliver.