EBay storytelling lesson in marketing.


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These are the stories that shape the meaning and dynamics of our daily lives.


Since our earliest childhood we have been nourished and captivated by a thousand stories : imaginary, historical, magical, initiatory, dramatic, symbolic. Since the dawn of time, man has perpetuated, from generation to generation, myths and legends which inspire, educate, provoke or raise questions. Even today, stories fascinate the greatest number.

Brands and companies have understood it: a good story captures attention and sells !

Some are also masters in the art of telling stories so powerful that they spread at lightning speed. YouTube is a good for new comers as distribution channel which is having lots of different videos that have reached millions of hearts and people within few days of its publication.

The following article shows how eBay portrays the story of an avid biker! Nostalgia, emotion, stubbornness, passion are at the rendezvous ... The story built around an ordinary object magnifies the object. And this will gives the value of the new object.Because people buy with their head but above all with their heart and they are ready to pay for an object according to what it means to them.

eBay is having a lot of new customers which gives new story every time. He understood this well and exploited this vein by scripting memorable examples and at the same time thanking his community. I'd you look at the different videos new comments you will find how beautiful marketing network it is.

eBay's is currently going on a new promotion called Thank You which is quite good and effective to attract a new customers and retain old ones.

As per few research eBay will be given some mind sharing ideas and stories which will help it's growth and give a long lasting presences in the mind of the customer.

Marketing is very good for any business to get more customers and help in good sales of the things.

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