SEO pyramid : A nice tips.


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  1. Content and accessibility

Like never before, quality text (rich, pertinent and exuberant) is the establishment from which your believability and credibility is fabricated. Extraordinary and available content, with the goal that robots and Internet clients discover it, ​And this of course assumes that the technical aspects of your site are perfectly mastered (code, ergonomics, architecture, redirects and internal links).


How to optimize your content?

By respecting a series of technical criteria such as the presence of correctly completed “title”, “description” and “H1” tags; "alt" descriptions on all your images, understandable URLs, etc.
By including a " sitemap ", useful for both search engines and visitors who discover how your site is structured.
By taking care of the editorial content : not only the quality of the texts but also the richness and relevance of the visuals. And above all, avoid copy-paste and duplicate content like the plague.
Google - like all search engines - analyzes the performance of your content through several indicators: number of page views per visit, time spent on each page, bounce rate, etc.

  1. Keywords and targeting

Keywords is very important and essential. Before creating a good article, keywords finder is very important. If you rank a good keywords you will get huge traffic.
And every page on your site will need to be associated with one of these keywords.

How to choose your keywords?

By taking into account the words or expressions most used in searches relating to your products or services. Make a list of the terms most commonly used in your trade.
Tools like Google's Keyword Tool help you discover popular terms and expand your palette with synonyms.
Optimizing your SEO also means targeting the right queries . And acting according to the customer behaviour so that we can get sales and provide services.

Because a well-designed site certainly sees its traffic increase as the number of pages grows, but this is not an indicator of success. This does not mean that it reaches the intended audience, the one who is likely to turn into customers or influencers. For this, it is necessary to monitor other indices such as the contacts collected, subscriptions to a newsletter, documents downloaded or even sales made

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