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Union Bank of the Philippines or more popularly known as UnionBank, is one of the country’s largest banks, in terms of assets, it is ranked as the 7th after it has merged with the International Exchange Bank. UnionBank has multiple channels available for transaction and information access such as its branches nationwide, on-site and off-site automated teller machines, a call center and Internet bank.


Unionbank launched many products which are first in its catagory and in the country some of the example of the same are following.

UnionBank started the Philippines’s first bank website
UnionBank pioneered online banking in the Philippines
This bank also provide new service like esa -electronic savings account.
It is having ATM card facility also which is recommended by paypal, It also has minimal maintenance requirements.

UnionBank of the Philippines offers the following services:

Personal Banking
Business Banking
Corporate Banking
Credit Cards
Online Banking
Using UnionBank’s services offers a more comfortable life, through its online banking services in different areas, like in business; Managing Multiple Funds; Transfer of Funds; Pay your Company Bills; BusinessLine Inquiry; and Receiving Alert Messages. Its personal banking is specifically for individual only such as: Deposit Accounts; Loans; Business Class; and Trust and Investments. With UnionBank’s Remittance service, transfer of funds is made easier, because it has partnership in other banks overseas. UnionBank offers a lot more services, these are just few of the best they have.

I have also thinking of using it but let see when I will be going for paper work. This is just a small review , I request you to do your due diligence also before opening any account. As the scheme changes everytime with new offer's to get better return.

Hope you are like this part of the banking review.

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