Free Report - 7 Steps To Bitcoin Income Your Path To $2500 A Month


About the Author:

Andy Zeus Anderson is a 16 year veteran of Internet Affiliate Marketing and has extensive experience with network marketing and MLM team building and training. He currently offers much of that training free to the public via his blogs and special reports such as this one. You can contact him at [] with any questions you have or unsolicited testimonials.

7 Steps to Bitcoin Income 40K a month plan


The simplest of simple plans in a nutshell.
What You Will Need What to do with it,
About the Browser.
Who Might Be Interested?
How to talk about it?
Sample Safe E-Mail Swipe
Things Not To Do!
Extras – Optional Programs and Closing Thoughts.

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One Nutshell coming up…

In retail it’s called a plan-o-gram, in affiliate marketing, it’s called a mind map. The one thing that is the same is that it is a simple outline of what you need to do that is descriptive but also gutted of the long-winded bull poop people selling books put in. This report is free and thus a large number of people with very short attention spans will grab it and only about 1 in 3 of them will actually read it.

Good, for you my friend you are still here and stand to make a lot of money!

Earning Bitcoin Income the Easy Way - THE Bitcoin Income PLAN-O-GRAM

You Need A G-mail e-mail address or address on a domain name of your own to receive mail and communications from people you help into the system and for any Faucets and other tools you decide to add.

You Need a Free Bitcoin Wallet to collect your earnings and store them either online or offline. I Use an Open Source Wallet called Wasabi Wallet which is 100% Free to use and downloads to your computer.

You Need to Download the Crypto-Tab Browser and Install It. Another 100% Free Tool that has tested safe in AVG and Spybot Search and Destroy Anti-Spy.

Join Elite Downline Builder and join any of the Bitcoin Faucets and other money programs listed in the Downline Builder. This will only stand to increase your success as a network builder.

Log into the Crypto-Tab Browser with your Google account or other listed social media profile. >>>Always make sure you are logged in so your money is saved until you withdraw it<<< You would not believe the number of people who complain their TV isn’t working and their wife goes over and does something simple like turn it on or plug it in.


Find at least 10 people who will do these steps.

Download the rebranding copy of our Free Bitcoin Income Report here.

Rush to get your Free CryptoTab Browser:


About the Crypto-Tab Browser

Just like your regular Google Chrome Browser you can sync up your bookmarks and skins, add on, etc.. But unlike the regular boring Chrome Browser there are not a lot of fluff pieces that slow it down and it has a cool orange button on it.

That orange button opens your Crypto-Tab which has a slider to choose low or high-speed mining. Default is on low, and there is an off as well just in case. In case of what? Well some of us like high-intensity browser-based games and need to turn off mining for a bit to play them.

The low setting is one you would only really need if you are watching videos that are taking too long to load or keep buffering or pausing in the middle.

Don’t worry it is not a high rate of occurrence as modern videos are smaller and lighter and run through the latest in player technology. It’s mostly low signal live streams and full-length movies that download to your temporary files for playing. Just today I was on a live Webinar for nearly 2 hours without a hitch.

Next Up The Bitcoin Miner

Get paid for surfing the web -

Below that you find your current running total of uncollected Satoshi and Bitcoin in a number like 1.00000002 where the 2 is a Satoshi and the 1 is a Bitcoin. The goal is to get a lot of Bitcoin by mining a ton of Satoshi. There is a smaller number below that showing the current dollar value of your mining which in the early days will be freakishly small.

The fact is you are not on a mining server which dedicates all of its resources to mining Bitcoin. Instead, you have an operating system to run, messengers, e-mails, graphics, printers, and monitors, mice, keyboards and this thing they call the Internet.

If you are a high energy Internet user like me or add the miner to a computer used for business or long hours of gaming you might mine $1 a week in Satoshi at first. Yes, $4 a month or a tempting cup of coffee may be all you get for some time. That’s normal as it’s just you in your team at this point.

I have 7 kids, a Wife, My Mom, and my Brother sharing one house with 4 PC 2 Laptops and if everyone uses the browser I will make around $20 this month from Browsing stuff that isn’t making me money. Most will have 1-2 computers to put to work and that’s fine. Ray Kroc opened McDonald’s with 5 cent burgers and 10 cent fries and shakes and that empire is making serious money now.


LEVERAGING is where you will begin making money.

I told you to plan on finding at least 10 people willing to try the browser and follow this training too. The reason is the browser has an affiliate program where you introduce people to the browser and earn a percentage of what they earn.

I won’t go through the whole payment plan which is on the website for the Browser but for each of those 10 people, you earn 15% of what they earn so if they are earning $4 a month each is worth about $0.60 to you or another $6 to go with your $4 to make $10 a month in earnings. You will soon be able to afford McDonald’s.
Me versus we, the power of leveraged income

Now, they will be challenged to get 10 each as well. Off those people, you will earn $0.40 a month each but since 10 people referred 10 people each, that’s 100 people on your 2nd tier bringing you $40.00 a month plus the $6 from your first tier, and the $4 from yours and now you have $50.

This goes on in shrinking percentages but growing numbers down a whopping 10 tiers below you. The more people in your team the more money you earn. You can stop at 10 or refer 100, or even stop at 5 if you don’t really need the money.

I worked up numbers on their calculator early today on 5 referrals who got 5 down 10 levels and when the matrix did its work the total was just over $40,600 a month. Who else wants a cool 400K a year off $4 worth of watching Cats on YouTube? Sign my butt up.

Encourage your friends to play with numbers in that calculator any time they get discouraged or feel stuck.

Who Might Be Interested?

Who might be interested in more income

Who do you know that is feeling underpaid and/or overworked? Do they have a computer?

How about those out of the home but not out of the pocket kids you have?

Maybe someone nearing 18 and getting ready for or already at College has some friends who also spend a lot of time on their computers?

With the fact, there are both Android and IOS Apps even that phone connected young lady at Dairy Queen needs a little extra money for basically doing nothing she isn’t already doing?

It’s that simple. Even your business-owning friends need more money for less work and you can not get simpler than doing what you already do and the price???? FREE this is insane I mean I just damned near signed up again.
What to say? How to talk about it to others?

I just sold my mom on doing this with this line and I wouldn’t get any deeper than this with most people: Note you don’t have to sell your mom or any friends or family but why leave them out?

Mom. If I could teach you in 20 minutes or less with a printable e-book I wrote how to get a free internet browser that pays you for the time you spend browsing the Internet would you use it? It can make you financially free just doing the things you already do.


Hi Doug. I wanted to take a second and share something amazing with you but since you are busy can I send you a 20-minute free report to your e-mail? Don’t worry I am not selling anything and the free Internet Browser can change your life!

How about in a Tweet or on Facebook:

Holy Crap. I just made money sending this tweet and it’s from my free internet browser. I just read this ebook for free… {Link to Book}.

Great read: I read this book for free and grabbed a free internet browser. I’m now on my way to over $5,000 a month giving the book away. {Link Here.}

Bam Pow!!! I was playing my favorite game, hit my little orange button and found out I made another $100. Read the free report here. {Link Here.}

Sample e-mail swipe:

Attn: First-name,

I am so excited.

I finally found the lazy man’s way to extra income. My friend Andy wrote a report about a new Chrome Browser that helps people earn Bitcoin while doing the things they already do. It took me 20 minutes to read the book and another 10 minutes to set it up and I have already made money.

I was thinking you could probably use an extra $500 or more a month and might be interested in at least reading the book.

{Link Here.}

Thanks for your time,

Your Name


The first thing to not do is send the direct link to the browser in an e-mail. The company is worried about SPAM complaints and will close your account. Always read your terms of service and never break the rules.

Next don’t be pushy. Someone seems cold to the idea just let them go. It can take a lot of no answers to get people who are really interested in the program which is why I say recruit 10 people when just 5 can get you to a $40k Monthly paycheck.

Don’t be afraid to speak up. I don’t know anyone mad I asked them once I was making money they just asked what’s that link again?


Folks I gave you my e-mail address earlier but as with most busy entrepreneurs, it may take time to sort out spam from serious questions with as much mail as I get there. So I saved the best method of contacting me for last. For the people that are really serious about making money online, who want to be among my inner circle, and who might have an interest in more free money then Join me on WebTalk.

In case you missed the Link Earlier you get your free Browser here:

Closing Statements

I know it takes a leap of faith to try something new, I am not asking you to try something new. I am asking you to try something exciting, life converting, and emotionally rewarding. I started in Affiliate Marketing 16 years ago today, on January 4th, 2004. I never knew how much it would change my life to help others change theirs.

I want you to feel rewards like that, because at the core that is what this company is doing. They are putting cloud mining to work for common people, instead of charging you to use their service, exchange currencies, etc.. they get a piece of the pool, and share massive chunks with you and me.

Don’t procrastinate, you or someone else needs this in their life right now. Someone you know is searching for extra cash, a little hope, or a new lease on life.

Download the rebranding copy of our Free Bitcoin Income Report here.


All Rights to this report have been reserved by Andy Anderson of Affiliate 3 Percent. There are instructions as to what can and can not be done to rebrand this report and use it to generate educated referrals of your own. Please respect my intellectual property and follow their guidelines. Original Online version of the report appears at:


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Excellent article with clear guidelines. The key to success with Crypto Tab Browser, as with crypto faucets, is leverage. Throw in persistent effort as well and you will be rewarded more and more as time goes by. That has been my experience with crypto faucets.

Thank you for mentioning We fully support people's efforts to grow their crypto stash by adding several trusted crypto programs to our downline builder. Crypto Tab Browser is there, as are faucets that work with Coinpot. Just recently I added TheCryptoFaucet to help people earn some free STEEM as well!


Thanks David. I love EDB as much as you do and the mention should be made that EliteDownlineBuilder helps build multiple streams of Bitcoin Income as well. People can join easy and free making it a total win.


Thanks Andy! It's going to get even better once we've got Fire-Pay installed...


Great post, Andy! And I like a lot your recommendation how to do it and what NOT to do!

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