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Well, that's intriguing! You laid the pebbles on the ground and led us to a suspenseful ending. What is the father suggesting, exactly? We don't trust him, because of clues dropped already. And what would Linette be willing to do in order to leave her past behind?

You provide a clear voice for this character. She is wounded, resentful. She is young. She is eager to make a change in her life. Her situational security--her identity, the identity of her father--has been upended.

You weave dialogue and narration together effectively.

I am puzzled by your use of the word 'prodigy'. Perhaps this is intentional. In such a short piece it is hard to know where you are going with this. Perhaps you intend to suggest that he is planning to supplant the red-headed child and train Linette for some future endeavor. Or...perhaps you meant something else.

A good exercise. Kept my attention and revealed a great deal.