Recap of My #HiveChat Experience (28 Sep 2021)


#HiveChat is a Twitter initiative to discuss #Hive on Twitter every Tuesday. Usually,@hivechat happens while I'm busy, but last Tuesday I was able to attend. The topic/host changes every time, and this time #HiveChat was hosted by Axie Infinity team. See the announcement post here.

The questions were "general enough " and I really liked that... Here's a recap of the questions and my answers to them, along with comments on some answers I've seen:

#HiveChat September 28

  • [Q1:] Are you into NFT gaming? If so, what are your favorite NFT games?

[A1:] Yes, I think #NFT games might be the future, but the only game I tried, (and I still play,) is #Splinterlands. I did hear about #AxieInfinity but never tried it. (Yet.)

A lot of tweeters who took part are into NFT gaming, but there were fewer people than I thought mentioning Splinterlands. Since AxieInfinity was the sponsor I enjoyed reading what people said about it. In a way, I want to make an account for it soon. Hope I can fit that in my messy schedule.

  • [Q2] What are your three favorite Hive communities and why?

[A2:] Let's see...

1: #Hive Gaming
2: DBuzz
3: The Anime Realm

Honorable mentions to #CrossCulture & #TheInkWell, I like those but I don't use them so much. (This is an interesting question.)

Of course, a lot of people mentioned LeoFinance, and I believe someone said Splintertalk too. Other answers include some strangely wholesome communities like Cinnamon Cup Coffee Community.

  • [Q3:] How can every community member help Hive grow and reach the masses?

[A3:] By being active & #comment on each other more. That's all they need to do, really.

For most newbies, a comment from a reader for their post, (or someone good at giving the illusion of having read,) is better than any curation!

I loved seeing the ideas #HiveChatters have come up with. Some agree that the usage of Hive dApps is the way to go. Some value being good community members.

Honestly, I thought my answer will get more interactions...

  • [Q4:] What would you like to see built on Hive?

[A4:] Actually, I don't know...

Are #SMT's still a thing? I think having most of the second layer tokens on #HiveEngine comes with many problems, so a better fix for that or a better tokens system for #Hive.

Thinking more, I remembered @demotruk's suggestions about improving Hive, so decided to put another tweet:

[...] Also, it seems the current #HBD system needs some improvements because it's based on #Hive debt? I'm not sure if I understand correctly myself, I know a hivian who seems to know more.

I also discussed @the-bitcoin-dood's idea of a Discord-style chatting app for the community with Built-in Hive Tipping. & Axie's account participated in that one!

  • [Q5:] Where do you see Hive in 10 years?

[A5:] I can't see anything!!!

10 years is another era in crypto technology. There are countless factors that can make everything about Hive outdated in that time.

(Remember #steem?)

I do have #hopes, but no expectations.

The internet got cut-off at this point so I didn't see a lot of other answers to question 5, but I loved this answer by @manokrios: "Most probably still in my phone/laptop. Hahaha. There's no way I'm leaving this amazing space."

Thanks for reading



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*Q5 was "Where do you see HIVE in 10 years?"