#2 - life’s a peach (most of the time)


You know the hardest part of motherhood? Lack of sleep.

Did you know that, biologically, women need more sleep than men? Yes, it is true. Somehow, the same potency that created that biological need also gave them this alertness that keeps them from resting while sleeping and waking up at any sound there is.

For me, it was my kid.

Waking hourly until the age of three while working a full job, it was driving me insane. Literally.

Just the breathing of my fiancé made me mad. The fact that he pointed out “how tired he was” made me over the roof mad. Not because he wasn’t entitled to be tired, because tiredness is felt differently in each one of us, but because he slept the whole night and I felt it was unfair. For that fact, I couldn’t keep myself from lashing out at him and it was inevitably a fight day in day out because I just couldn’t (COULDN’T) get myself in the right mind and wind down. I was constantly stressed out. Worn out.

Every time I had to put baby L to sleep, it was a major torture, anxiously awaiting for him to just pass out as soon as his head touched the mattress. But it wasn’t that easy. Most nights were a struggle.

I needed help.

One angel came to me to my rescue even if I pushed her away so many times.

It was right after my birthday that I said yes to her help. She had offered before (3 months before) and I just said no. I was not ready for it and I was so skeptic of what she was offering that I just kept on denying. Until I said yes.

One drink was all it took for me to start regenerating my mental state. I didn’t understand at first what a hell was happening to me and it wasn’t something I had experienced before (or, at least in a long, long time). The clarity, the strength of mind…

I had caught the most famous virus of recent times and it shook me badly. I felt even more tired and now, sick. Really sick.

(If I were a Sim, I’d have a red diamond ♦️ over my head. Really. That’s how bad I felt.)

And one drink, was it. I felt like fine. And once the virus went away, and I came back to work, my legs were moving faster than usual because I felt like I had the resistance for that… and the energy. Oh my god, the energy!

Can you imagine not to sleep for 3 years in a row?
I felt like shit.

One drink and I was hooked. I felt more energetic, I had laser focused, I had muscle resistance, mental brightness, I was feeling like I hadn’t felt in SO SO long!

Let me know in the comments, for the second part of this blog, do you know ketones and ketosis?



I'm glad to know you finally find something to help you with those problems. Sleep deprivation can have serious consequences.

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