How important are CRYPTO wallet keys & How do I keep them safe?


Myself trying to explain that I'm no expert BUT NOT A BEGINNER EITHER.

Hello so you know im, not an expert in this but my personal experience which I will share with you guys also I would like to tell you all I am currently learning to write an effective blog post from YOUTUBE.

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I like to read the @tarazkp blog cause they feel more personal and @taskmaster4450 is more of an info guy who likes to share about crypto tech and science and technology it would be great if you guys tell me how I can improve.

I will try to write it as a personal blog. it would be great it you all vote and rehive this blog just kidding its up to you to do so.

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what mistake I made while storing my wallet seed

Some time ago I bought a FEW DOLLAR Worth of ADA aka (Cardano cryptocurrency) stored in YOROI Shelley wallet and forgot to store seed properly.

At that time I just took a picture of the computer screen and finished the backup process. While I used to write them down in my journal

In the backup process, they ask you for your seed word with the position like what is 6th or 9th word?

You have to write it to let them know that you have seed stored.

As some of you might know that ADA price has increased a lot and I was going to sell some but then I try to search YOROI wallet seed in my journal in which I store my wallet seed

I didn't find any so I panicked and thought I have lost them cause I forget to store them. but after a day of thinking, I found the wallet seed which I will tell you about in few moments.

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some years ago I had bought Energi (NRG) worth 500$ for 0.2$ per coin total of 2500 coins (worth around 4775$ as of today)

I store them in my NRG wallet which I installed on my pc and didn't store JSON file on other devices after some time my harddrive malfunction and I lost my wallet completely and also all data stored. as of today, I have kept the hard drive in hope that someday I might be able to get it repaired.

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How I find my YOROI wallet seed

So after a day of stress and thinking, I thought I might have taken picture of it ao I stated seeing some old picture on my phone, and after a lot of sacroling, I finally found it.

after that, I quickly write it down in my journal to keep it safe I learn a lot from this so I thought of sharing it with you guys...

How I keep my wallet SEED & KEYS+JSON FILES SAFE

I usually store my wallet seeds in my journal and copy them monthly on the backup journal I don't store them online.

As for keys and JSON files, I keep them in 2 USBs one for monthly

backup and the other for immediate use.

that's how I keep my funds safe.

There is a famous saying that:


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