99%strategy success 100%trading failure


Many things seems right when we finish that course on trading technics ,we learn different strategy and we feel or think that is what the market is all about, watching different type of trading videos, different strategy,name it all, support and resistance,trend line , indicators,even the mother of them all ict or smart money strategy,and even fundamental


at the time we are learning all this ,we believe at the back of our mind this is all it takes to make money in the financial markets or this is what out mentor tells us ,for those who have mentors,but by the times we are through watching videos,

when we are through on our demo account,when we start trading the real financial markets,we realize, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, even your candle stick doesn't give you up to 15% wining rate in the market

You might know all the strategy in the whole world and still won't be a successful trader ,your strategy might be up to 95% and still lose that trade , ain't saying this to confuse you that technical or fundamental or your candle stick strategy won't work but people tend to miss the first knowledge in trading

We have three things that can make us a successful trader
your Psychology
** Your Money management **
Your strategy

This three things is the most important to consider when we are choosing trading as a career ,the most important of this three is your psychology but most trader focus more on fundamental or technical strategy

Knowing what you are looking for in the market,when to enter and when to exist the market, someone told me once that,two people might be given the same signal ,when I mean two people I mean two trader, they might be given the same signal, either to go long or shot on a particular pairs at the same time , trader A might use the signal and make profit while trader B might also lost money on that trade,

this is because of trader B psychology that makes him loose in the market,you see

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