Are you going to invest on hive or Ethereum if given the chance


Every project is a good project, every crypto currency project have change people life to a new dimensions ,from bad to good , crypto currency investment have thought us that ,we don't need to work all day before we can make six figures , we can seat in our home with our laptop or phone and make more money than those who go to office everyday


In crypto world Different projects keep pumping out everyday ,with different system that can solve problem and which comes with different risk,some have less risk while some people prefer some investment base on some quality , I think that propose why we are human ,we don't want what will disturb our emotion

But I want to tell you why I love hive investment project to other projects, especially Ethereum and bsc

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All this project are good project which we are already making massive income from but if we look at all this project ,there are more preferable than other from the likes of risk ,charges on transaction and other features

I know we are different trader ,this means we look at different quality in a project before we invest ,what works for me may not works for you but after reading this ,you should consider what you want


Viewing from how fast transaction is between hive ecosystem and Ethereum Blockchain, doing a transaction on hive engine is more faster than making transaction on Ethereum Blockchain

Security marks the most important thing in our life even as a citizen in our beloved country,so this also applicable to our assets ,I mean all coins we have ,and hive is making is best to avoid hackers having assess to our wallet

Profit and loss

When we talks of coins and token u under hive compare to our token , investment on this token have bring big rewards, investing on hive have gives big risk to reward ratio ,this time last year hive i think hive is at 0.2 dollar and now hive almost close to 2dollar,how many zeros have this hard to our money compare to Ethereum or bnb , calculating the mathematics,we would know hive outperform other token

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The most beautiful things about hive ecosystem is that you don't only make money but you will also learn and gain knowledge everyday about many things , may be on crypto or other basic life knowledge ,this will always makes me choose hive above other projects


There is different between airdrops and airdrops ,why did I say this is because there are many scam airdrops under Ethereum Blockchain which we have already know and many are still coming ,but you see any airdrops here on hive will never big fake or scam airdrops because everything is verify

SCam coins have been may major problem of investing in tokens under Ethereum , buying presale of a token but later found out that its scam token while every token under hive is always verify and good to invest in ,you will always get your Money by curating or playing games , which is always certain that you will make returns on your investment

Charges on transaction
Money Charge on every transaction we make under hive can't be compare to Ethereum ,I remember when I makes a little transaction under Ethereum I was charge nothing less than 4dollar ,that is reason enough not to invest under Ethereum project because if I compare it to transaction I have make on hive

Investing in hive is like you are making free money , having alot of fun while making money and also getting more knowledge, exposure

I would say hive is a blessing to me

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