What if Elon musk decide to buy hive community today ,does hive have the quality that Elon is looking for before he can purchase hive ,i have seen a lot of article recently that propose we should promote hive on Twitter,May be Elon will consider buying hive community instead of buying Twitter,we all know twitter is a big platform that have several quality in which if Elon purchase the platform there is more probability that he will make is return


One of this quality is about free speech that twitter promote,hive also promote that anyway but is it as effective as the one on twitter, what about the junk ,I mean bolt ,one of the reasons why he hold the purchase of Twitter, he said there are too many fake follower and bolt on twitter,did you think hive got to be the chance of purchase,when he looks at how many fake account we have on hive and the different bolt we have ,did you think this is one of the type of investment Elon musk will invest in

Twitter is a platform that people can catch cruise with smaller post,in which people will have alot of engagement, compare to hive ,I don't think that is possible to write smaller post and people will engage you ,you need at least 300 words here before people in this community can engage your post ,that is good anyway but did you think ,this will bring many people, people on twitter prefer to write in short word ,this bring alot of traffic to twitter which also increase the stock price anyway

How much is the market cap of hive ,did you think Elon will have a motive of buying hive , remember Elon is a master in manipulation, what if he affect hive in a negative ways ,you see what he did to twitter stock recently, manipulating the mind of their investor, reducing the stock price of Twitter,and getting off of buying ,may be for later acquisition, and also remember the likes of dogecoin and Shiba ,from a single tweet he manipulate the market

So what if he decides to manipulate hive when we keep proposing that he should buy hive ,does hive have the stand,.may be stand Strong even when he decide he won't buy it anymore ,the truth is he will bring more investor when he tweet about purchasing hive but when he decides he won't buy it anymore what did you think will happen to the price , won't it fall like Luna

Come to think of it ,hive is better off without Elon musk,the rate at which hive is growing everyday is enough to keep track from Elon ,I have been following many post, writing about the plan of hive ,I can say we don't need any big whale to buy hive

Hive have a good start ,I don't think is up to 10years now but see where hive is ,hive standout among all other coins ,many people are earnings daily money from hive ,did you think that is what Elon will do , what if he change the ideology on hive , what if he start charging fees on every post we write like blurt community

Many community depends on hive , what if he scrap all the small small community under hive or charges fees on registration,let think before we move the agenda of Elon buying hive ecosystem,I believe hive is in a better hand and they are doing their best

Let me know what you think In the comments section,did you think is good if Elon musk buy hive or is not good

Thanks for reading
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