strategy to win on hive still on engagement and meaningful article:I hope so


The winning strategy on hive still in written meaningful article and still making a good comment,this is foundation of every little opportunity that comes up on hive ,why don't you ask me what makes me still think this way

Ther is this opportunity that I just read that I will love to jump into by @nolosslottery,this opportunity is about saving your #Leo ,like your purchase tickets goes into savings in your cubfinance, don't know how he will know the amount I save into my cub but I know they will be some set of rules to get that, in which you will earn 100leo if you got lucky,I would have love to purchase some tickets but I check my wallet now ,I see I don't actually have the balance for that
So this make me realize if I still want to jump into this opportunity,I have two options one is to buy Leo and two is to earn it , first option is for the big boys which am not ,so it's only remain the second option

Earning Leo is by writing artic or engaging in article,this means you have to make meaningful comment, before you can make a comment you must have something in your head which means you are pouring knowledge into the community,this also means community gain from you ,you bring what you have into the community in exchange for some token

I don't really mean to bring on some additional info into your hear but still nothing bad if I mention this , probably if you check my thread this weak or so ,I complain,is that really a complain 🤔🤔,but let move on ,

I point out that some people don't really engage or reciprocate the comments or engagement back ,it's always seems like when we write article, hive community go blank , problem they only engage on people who they think they will benefit from but doesn't support newbie who engage their post even when that post bring out values

Thread is actually a good place to be when you want to chest something from your mind, people actually engage that, they give me some strategy to use if I want I need engagement,is that really necessary

first I will need to engage on some certain post ,like curated post , popular and so on but i can equally say this most of the article that later become popular or curated post,I would have engage it if it's fall on the category like hive, stock, trading and so on, even before it became popular article , actually make top 100 of leofinance engagement league,I have got lucky to win
The good things about the reply I get is ,I now know where to channel my engage to and who to channel it with ,it's actually looks like hive is only for some Elite people

Is not like I am ranting,I engage post,this shit is not only for me ,I know many people are in this situation also ,from the data ,how many people join Leo and hive community months ,how many actually stay,this is not entirely their fault for not be patient but are they actually welcome

From now on I have decide here will just be a note book anytime I have something to write and if I get lucky of engagement, believing it's just a blank space

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