Trading phycology 101


As a trader is not how you flip the market,is not how you convert 10$ to 10 dollar in days or nights make you a successful trader, what makes you a successful trader,is when you loose more or the market hit your stop loss many times and you still don't blow your account

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Your purpose will define your actions,forex and crypto is an activity,so we can also classify it as an action, trading is not just how you understand the market move ,is not just about understanding the break of structure or understanding where to spot institutions candles on the chart

Trading is a quest to understanding knowing yourself,you can't take out trading from self discovery and this is what give birth to your risk management

Trading is a battle between who you are and who you are not , success in trading can also show us the activity is in line with our personality ,some people can not jokes with thier little amount of money ,

for example 5$,this kind of people may not be able to do well in trading business, because every trade you place ,you are letting go of that certain amount of money, so anyone who can not let go of that Amount should not be advice to start trading journey, because it will be difficult to be successful in the market

The levels of your mental transformation,you know too well that success start from the mind ,how well are you expose to superior information, bring your mind under the atmosphere you want your future to be , because take profit does not determine your future in the market,how many successful trader hit take profit,your future is someone present tense , find a mentor with good track record

How do you know good mentor
A good mentor is not after your money, they tell you to pay to be committed because when you pay you pay attention,when they tell you to pay is not because they are after your money, they barely have time but In thier busy schedule they still create create time for you

When you are running with poverty mentality,you find it difficult to delay gratification,you want to be successful in a day ,you want to make thousand dollar In a day ,you believe in luck, they is nothing like luck in the market,I believe luck is a result that comes with preparation,you are not patient

You need to know success is found beyond comfort zone ,you need to burn tbe midnight candle,if you did not Interact with the information you are given you won't be profitable with the information,you can know all the Information on how to trade and still not be profitable

Information is power but you need to Interact with with,backtast yous strategy,be confident in your strategy before you trade the market

I will stop here and continue another times ,I hope this article will be helpful in your trading career,you are free to comment and also support me by upvote and reblog

Thanks for reading


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