Why Netflix stock drawdown by 35


It was reported days ago that Netflix stock drop in price ,why am I am not even surprise,may be because I have already think that this would will happen,this is because it's was already reported that thier subscription drop in the first half of 2022 compare to last year

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I believe product determine many things in a company,one of it is the share of the company, a good investor look at the sales of the company product before investing , but now the sales is down,this are what I think cause the fall in tbe price

They are many things that determine sales of a product in the market,as we all know Netflix produces movies , sometimes is not only the quality of your products that determine the sales,and I think Netflix have been ignoring many things

customer relations

Customer relations in any business is most important,I think Netflix lack this ,I think they should be a comment section,where viewers state their view on a particular movies,when you keep bringing goods with the same taste to the market and you have no means of knowing may be your customer still love what you are offering them or not ,it will be a matter of time ,your customer will lose interest in what you are selling

I think this are one of the things that causes the downward movement of subscription,


When outside force is becoming more stronger it causes alot of things, Netflix which was reported lost 200 thousand subscriber in the quarter of the year ,this drawdown their stock by 35%,this was because of external power, I mean the competitors,

one of competitor is TikTok,many people are being addicted to TikTok recently,and I think they should have notice these ,the two company may be different but they are related somehow, they are both streaming platform, they both use of data and also they competition with individual time

Lastly the mode of subscription, changing the plan of subscription that will sweet the customer,may be more cheaper because after monthly we are still going to use our data to stream the movie, this disadvantage to Netflix compares to others like TikTok, subscription should be affordable,

little things matter especially when everything is turning to disadvantage , competitors will keep growing ,how management crop it to advantage matter most in a business

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