To The Moon



My early days in crypto journey was full of adventure especially when I came across various slangs in crypto communities which I found strange. My drive towards learning (A relatively permanent change in individual’s life as a result of experience) and adapting to the newly introduced technology (blokchchain) made me spend quite a number of days striving to learning how the technology works. Of over twenty words, one made me feels I will one day walk on the moon, “To The Moon”.

To The Moon in Cryptocurrency
The major reason why we invest is to increase or double our capital for better return on investment, no iota of doubt. No single investor will invest with the loss mindset. When that investment have a slight increase, the huge towards profits start shining like the moon of the 14th day. This assertion push us to the meaning of the phrase “To The Moon” and how its impact on crypto currency.
Moon according to crypto is a slang and celebratory term which users of crypto use when coin or tokens price go up. Investors oftentimes use meme of “to the moon” to express their Joy towards the upward trend in the market. As it is known that cryptocurrency gives opportunity to create various slangs that shows meaning to its users. These slangs creates a memory and let this crypto space an interesting one.

Other Slangs
• FOMO: Fear of Missing Out
• DYOR: Do your own research
• BH: Bag Holders
• NFA: Not Financial Advice
There are numerous slangs but the most used one’s are listed above. I hope you have a wonderful journey, a journey without means of transportation, A crypto Journey.


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