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Hi guys, good morning to everyone. I have decided to share this with everyone here who have been my friends from my day one. It's good to share this type of story so that people can also learn from it. This is a day I will never forget in my life. My sister who has been married for 11 years, she used to be a caring and loving mother, she has 3 children who are males and they are grown ups, the first is 18 years, 2nd born is 14 and last born is 11 years. They stay ìn a town ìn Ondo state and the wife worked as a local government staff and the husband a state government teacher and also a farmer. They always make sure they managed themselves and try to make themselves happy.

Around 2002, the wife who had been looking for opportunity to travel out of the country got a Visa to the united States of America and she left to USA. The last born was 9 months old when she left and the husband has been taking care of the boys since then, although she send money to them. But after several years, the love was getting to level zero where the wife doesn't want to see the man again, she blocked any form of intimacy when she visited Nigeria and the man was suspicious, and got very saddened by the wife's behavior.

Last year December, the wife decided to play a fast one on the husband. She got visa for the 3 children and planned that they visit Lagos state for their Holidays and she made sure they got to USA from Lagos without the husbands approval. It was a very sad day for the husband to see what the wife has done and the wife's family also approver and support her for this kind of behavior.

After one month, I live close to the man, we stay in the same town, it was discovered that the man had been missing for a long time and they have been searching for him. Some said maybe he went to church, and others said maybe he went to the mountain to pray but after 4 days, one of the neighbors who passed through his window said he observed ful smell and indeed it was the man. He had committed suicide about 4 days ago. When I got the news, I felt so sad and I just didn't know what to do. The man was buried same day and I attended the burial. He had built a building that was almost completed before he killed himself.

I learnt alot from this, I always say people shouldn't just get married with anyone without knowing the family well and when their is a red flag. Make sure you run so that your story won't lead to this. When your proposed in-law doesn't like you and force yourself, you will not enjoy your marriage, because they will wait for you at the front. And it is very important to always check on your family, friends and relations once in a while, there are some people you assume they have a good family and are happy but they are dieing in silence. Pick up your phone and call others and ask them about their well being and health.

Thanks for reading.