Argungu Fishing Celebration of Northern Nigeria

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The Argungu Fishing Festival is a yearly four-day celebration in the province of Kebbi, in the north-western part of Northern Nigeria. The locale is comprised of fruitful waterway of (matanfada, mala with much water system and plantations (lambu in Hausa). Most of anglers are the supporters of Islam and furthermore prevalently ranchers. Kanta Exhibition hall is the super verifiable focus in Argungu for guests across the globe. Individuals from around the world travel to Argungu just to observe the event. The fundamental motivation behind the Argungu fishing celebration is intended for fishing and solidarity. The celebration ordinarily requires 4-days of social event.

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The celebration started in the year 1934, as a characteristic of the centuries' end old aggression between the Sokoto Caliphate and the Kebbi Realm. This celebration has carried a tremendous advancement to the improvement of the state as a whole.

It is generally called a Fishing Celebration. The celebration is commended to stamp the start of fishing season in Argungu, a waterway side town in Kebbi State. It is celebrated around February.

In 2005, the biggest fish weighed 75kg, and required four men to lift it onto the scales. In 2006 the celebration restricted fishing because of security concerns identifying with the low water levels.The significance of the celebration to the economy has driven the public authority to monitor fish stock by forbidding utilization of gill nets and cast nets.The Zauro polder project, a water system plot in the Rima Stream floodplain toward the south of Argungu, has been condemned in light of the fact that the repository takes steps to flood the customary site of the festival.

Exercises include:

Canoe races
Social exercises
Wrestling matches
Melodic exhibitions
Swimming challenge

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On the last day of the celebration, a contest is held in which great many men line up along the stream and at the sound of a shot, every one of them bounce into the waterway and have an hour to get the biggest fish. The champ can accept home as much as $7,500 US dollars. Contenders are simply permitted to utilize customary fishing apparatuses and many like to get fish altogether manually (a training likewise famous somewhere else and known as "noodling") to exhibit their ability. This celebration is for solidarity, fun and for exercise.

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The argungu fishing festival is obviously a nice one, though I haven't witness one yet but I have heard alot about the festival and how it's been celebrated by the hausas.Thanks for sharing.Nice post.