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Hello good day guys, I will be talking about some sets of people who hail from lokoja and they are called Ebira. People believed that Okenne is the center of the Ebira people and they can bẹ found in some other parts of the country such as Kwara state and also Nassarawa too. These sets of people are very hard working and they know exactly how to work and make money. They are also strong set of people.
According to their culture, the man is the head of the family or the eldest son who is bread winner and provider and there have different compounds within their system.

The Ebira people are well known for Agriculture and they specializes in the cultivation of food crops like maize, yam, cassava and vegetables.these sets of people are well known for their craft work and
they also engages in trading too. Just like every other cultures in Nigeria, civilization has entered into the culture and the way of handling things is now in the western ways. They have traveled far and near to learn and study too. It's important to note that some of their old traditions are still been carried out there.

There are different festivals in the town but this is very popular and named Ekuechi festival and is celebrated in these communities.every community will choose the date for their celebration and people come from far and near to celebrate. This mark the end and begining of another year. It's a huge celebration.

Thanks for reading.