Financial Goals 2021 Report #3


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At the beginning of the year I made a post where I define my financial objectives in different contexts for the year 2021.

Due to having created these objectives I decided to make a monthly report where I will demonstrate their progress.

This is the 3rd goals report and I am loving to use these strategy with gaols to complete.

Off-chain goals

This objective is related to two loans that I have to repay.

Loan 1135.752,1€142.396,15€9.88%
Loan 26.000€8.457,43€12.11%

It is every nice to see this goals being gowing every month. However in order to complete the goals the completed percentage sould be a litle higher.
Let's see if I will be able to complete them.

Non Financials Goal

This is not a financial goal, but a very important one for me, which is to increase my follower base, as it means that people like my content.

GoalTodayCompletedMonthly Grow
# Followers1004040%25%

Growing 25% of my followers it is very nice.


On-chain goals

This month was a fantastic month in terms of LEO and HIVE.
In terms of HIVE I growp up 135% and in terms of LEO I grow up 72%.

GoalInitialTodayCompletedMonthly Grow




This month I have not grow on LBI due to the fact I am trying to reach my LEO goal before to get more LBI.

Since have completed my HIVE goal and was the 2nd time that I defined the goal I decided to buy LEO with all the HIVE that I won from converting HBD to HIVE I will by LEO to complete my goal and then move to my LBI goal.

I will continue to work to achieve my goals for this year.

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