Three Steps No Excuses Day 24. Learn A New Skill


Ideas From Plus 1 Success Day 24

What is something new that you could learn that would benefit you in your business?

Here are some ideas that I think are useful if not crucial skills you can learn.

For Marketing.

  1. Learn how to create a Wordpress website.
  2. Start to use a autoresponder.
  3. Track your sites.
  4. Learn about HTML
  5. Create a live video using Open Broadcast system or other tool for live streaming like Zoom.

There are many new skills you can learn. These are just a few ideas.

For Self Improvement

  1. Learn non violent communication skills.
  2. Study your spiritual path to become more centered.
  3. Study a good book to become more motivated in life.

Do things to make your self a better person!

What new skills can you learn?

What is CPT talk? Is a blog and is part of the Hive blockchain. Used with Click Track Profit it can be a powerful way to learn about internet marketing

This platform is one of many "Tribes" that are part of Hive. It is also decentralized which means it is not privately owned and is controlled by the members.

You get paid in cryptos for posting your blog,commenting, and upvoting. Are you ready to start making money on your own blog? You can get started for free and start earning as soon as you start.

This is a brilliant system of rewarding people for engaging with each other. Are you ready for a cutting edge way of using a blog?

Learn more about CTPtalk and the Hive blockchain in this guide.

Learning about Cryptos.

Before I got involved with Click Track Profit and CTPtalk I had only used Bitcoin a little for paying for things online. I never got into it for an investment. I have to admit that i liked the times that the value of my BTC increased though. I still don't own a lot of BTC but now that I use Hive and CTP along with many others like Leo i am understanding more about all cryptos.

I love the idea of the whole Hive platform. There are many tokens and communities also called Tribes that you can get involved with and get rewarded for engaging.

I have been learning a whole lot from the the Leo Finance Tribe lately. This is an awesome place to learn about cryptos.

I like using a crypto that will grow because I use it. Investing is a different thing. right now i prefer earning it by using it. Maybe I will start investing more in the future, I don't know I am still learning.

How do you use Cryptos?


I also try to learn something everyday. Currently I only use crypto here on the hive platform. Other than that, I have not tried to use it as an investment (store of value) or for purchasing (transactional) things.