Three Steps No Excuses Day 26. Make A Plan.


Ideas from Plus 1 Success Day 26

It is always good to have a plan. Coming up with ways to do new things can be a process. Todays challenge comes from Plus 1 Success Day 22

Here is a list right out of the book that can help inspire you to make a plan or take action on something you have been needing to do.

  1. Read
  2. Listen
  3. Watch
  4. Dream
  5. Write
  6. Plan
  7. Execute
  8. Speak
  9. Do

The most important part of this process is the "Do" part.

What is your plan?

Finding Balance

In the process of doing this 30 day challenge for the second time I have had to push myself a whole lot.

I have a day job and also have a band that I play with along with many other responsibilities and tasks. I am sure you can identify with and have a lot to do also

Getting serious about Internet marketing has made it so that I need to balance my time better. The balance that I really need is the way I do things so I don't get burnt out or exhausted.

For me my spiritual and mental health come first. It makes everything else easier.

How do you find balance in your life?

Where to learn about internet marketing!

Learning all the ins and outs of internet marketing can be confusing and take a long time because there are many people out there that get your money but don't teach you very much. I have tried many different programs to learn about this business.

Here are my two favorite sources for learning about affiliate marketing


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