CTP Tips
Gift and tip CTP tokens to awesome content creators using the brand new @CTPtips Bot!
Stake CTP and use the prompt !CTP to gift tokens to your favorite creators! Here are your remaining tips that you can award to creators:
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
CTP can be converted to CTP POWER in a process called staking.
CTP Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
+157.184 HIVE
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Author reward: 0.246 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-rising-star-3rd-of-may
Author reward: 0.833 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-rising-star-1st-of-may
Author reward: 0.296 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-splinterlands-30th-of-april
Author reward: 0.362 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-rising-star-29th-of-april
Author reward: 0.27 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-splinterlands-28th-of-april
Author reward: 0.301 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-rising-star-27th-of-april
Author reward: 0.224 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-splinterlands-26th-of-april
Author reward: 1.29 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-rising-star-25th-of-april
Author reward: 0.961 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-splinterlands-24th-of-april
Author reward: 1.037 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-rising-star-23rd-of-april
Author reward: 0.261 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-splinterlands-22nd-of-april
Author reward: 1.053 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-rising-star-21st-of-april
Author reward: 0.946 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-splinterlands-20th-of-april
Author reward: 0.313 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-rising-star-19th-of-april
Author reward: 0.724 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-splinterlands-18th-of-april
Author reward: 0.407 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-rising-star-17th-of-april
Author reward: 0.812 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-splinterlands-16th-of-april
Author reward: 0.824 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-rising-star-15th-of-april
Author reward: 0.806 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-splinterlands-14th-of-april
Author reward: 0.8 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-rising-star-13th-of-april
Author reward: 0.064 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-splinterlands-12th-of-april
Author reward: 0.282 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-rising-star-11th-of-april
Author reward: 1.04 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-splinterlands-10th-of-april
Author reward: 0.458 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-rising-star-9th-of-april
Author reward: 0.767 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-splinterlands-8th-of-april
Author reward: 0.796 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-rising-star-7th-of-april
Author reward: 0.418 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-splinterlands-6th-of-april
Author reward: 1.059 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-rising-star-5th-of-april
Author reward: 1.051 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-rising-star-3rd-of-april
Author reward: 1.052 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-rising-star-1st-of-april
Author reward: 1.011 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-splinterlands-31st-of-march
Author reward: 1.037 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-rising-star-30th-of-march
Author reward: 1.137 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-rising-star-28th-of-march
Author reward: 0.874 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-splinterlands-27th-of-march
Author reward: 1.139 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-rising-star-26th-of-march
Author reward: 0.792 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-splinterlands-25th-of-march
Author reward: 0.004 CTP for alex-v/re-trumpman-4gbaga
Author reward: 1.03 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-splinterlands-23rd-of-march
Author reward: 1.098 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-splinterlands-19th-of-march
Author reward: 9.969 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-rising-star-18th-of-march
Author reward: 0.827 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-splinterlands-17th-of-march
Author reward: 0.816 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-splinterlands-15th-of-march
Author reward: 0.873 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-rising-star-14th-of-march
Author reward: 1.107 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-splinterlands-13th-of-march
Author reward: 1.279 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-rising-star-12th-of-march
Author reward: 3.159 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-rising-star-108th-of-march
Author reward: 1.105 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-splinterlands-9th-of-march
Author reward: 1.128 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-rising-star-8th-of-march
Author reward: 1.218 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-splinterlands-7th-of-march
Author reward: 0.437 CTP for alex-v/daily-giveaway-rising-star-6th-of-march