AI Art form photos - Exploring Israel - Yellow flower of Hibiscus


Hello and welcome to Exploring Israel with #AI generated #art¹

The purpose of this post is to reimagine the photos I took while exploring Israel by foot and bicycle. I hope you will enjoy the art!

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This is the flower of Hibiscus plant. These flowers come in different colours and usually I find red and white flowers. The plant is widespread in Israel and used for decorating gardens and parks. It is the first time I came across a yellow one. I loved the color and the interplay with green leaves. My goal width AI art was to enhance the play of yellow and green, focusing on abstract creations.

I found this flower while walking in my hometown of Holon.

AI generated art from the photo

And that’s all for today's #aiart post. I appreciate you for joining me. Until the next time.

Thank you for reading and your attention. Any questions or comments, let me know. Always happy to help.

Have a great day!

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👉 Dream Studio

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¹) All the photos are of public places, taken by @alex2alex with Xiaomi Note 10 Pro and retouched by Snapseed. All the images are created with Stability AI by @alex2alex



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