Creating Content that Counts

Before going to write a content or article in the #hive ecosystem you must have know important things which will help you give you more reaction and you will get more upvotes. The thing which you must is know is "Know your audience" in hive.

This means that you must know about the kind of people, discover the communities and know what are the their interests regarding content reading. If you write article according to the community interest then you will surely get upvotes.

Another best thing is to keep your contents up to date. The information which you provide in your content must be correct and upto date. Also you choose a topic where people needs and looking for it.

Create a catchy and relevant title in order to attract readers to your post. If your title is non-attractive your post will be ignored and even you dont get upvotes on your post. Therefore, a catchy title is very necessary to attract readers.

Using proper format, correction of your words and good grammar is another plus point. There are many spelling mistakes in many posts which is not liked. Readers wants a good grammar and meaningful posts with proper headings, subtitles and points.

Of course, quality content matters a lot. If you write a post which does not mean for the community and for the people that post will be completely rejected. But if you write what people needs for and according to the community rules then that post will be considered among the best ones.

Key Tips for Content Creators

Attractive pictures and visual display is another plus point. Pictures in the post really matters a lot. If you have original pictures which are attractive your post will be focused and you will get huge upvotes of @appreciator and other whales. But if your pictures are not attractive your post will be ignored.

Copy/paste, plagiarism and other abuse is strongly prohibited. Always give credit to sources and dont forget to give sources if your writing or picture is not yours. Follow the #hive rules properly.

Always try to respond to readers on your post. If you respond them properly they will be attracted and will wait to read your next post. This act will increase traffic in your post and in result you will get more votes.

Another important thing to consider is about posting time. How many posts to write. If you are a good writer and if your writing is insane then its better to not write on daily basis. But if your language is not good then its better to write daily one content to keep attraction on your post.

What do you people think about these tips which can help you become a good writer? Do you following these tips matters alot? Will be glad to see your answers in the comment section.

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