HIVE and STEEM Following the Same Trend...

HIVE and STEEM coin are nearly identical, which must be because #hive is the result of #steem's harfork. I've noticed that many users who are active on the steemit platform are also active in the HIVE ecosystem. They are posting on both platforms and earning money from both of them.

But in order for this to happen, you must be an HIVE or steemit supporter. Whatever works for you, join the platform and publish your content. However, I believe it is unethical to use both platforms with the same account. Anyway, let's get back to the topic of #hive and #steem price movements being more similar.

Large volumes will confirm the HIVE bull run. 2.png


I've been in the cryptocurrency market for five years and have a lot of experience in this field. Hive is a new hardfork platform, but the prices of both of these coins are strikingly similar. Especially in a pumping situation, both coins follow the same chart pattern. As an example, consider yesterday's pump, which both increased by more than 15%.

According to my assumptions, the same whale or a community will purchase both of these coins in large quantities. The investor wishes to diversify their funds and thus invests in both coins. They want to take advantage of the huge price movements in either of these coins to book profits. There is a chance that either of these coins will fly into the sky.

The number of tokens in circulation and the demand for those tokens on the open market determine the value of both the blockchain-based content creation and publishing platforms HIVE and STEEM.

Due to market conditions and investor sentiment, it's possible that the price of STEEM and HIVE will move in a similar manner. It's crucial to keep in mind, though, that the fundamentals of each platform may also have an impact on price changes.


Although it is not guaranteed, it is possible that the prices of Hive and Steem will move in the same direction. These cryptocurrencies' prices, as well as the prices of all cryptocurrencies, are subject to a number of variables, such as market sentiment, news and announcements, and trading volume.

The prices of Hive and Steem might also move in opposition to one another. To understand the factors influencing the price of these cryptocurrencies, it is crucial to follow the markets and the news.

Both STEEM and HIVE were developed as the native tokens of the corresponding blockchain platforms, Steem and Hive, which are intended to pay users for curating and creating content. To vote on content and gain access to particular platform features, both tokens can be used. The price changes are therefore largely identical.

The 2020 hard fork that resulted in the creation of HIVE from the Steem blockchain was one of many significant changes that both platforms have experienced in the past.

Both of them are blockchain platforms.

As a result, their goals and functionalities are very similar, and factors like adoption, network usage, and market sentiment may have an impact on their prices.

Large volumes will confirm the HIVE bull run. 3.png

However, there might be additional elements unique to each platform that could lead to differences in the prices. These are my thoughts regarding the same price, but it is always possible that they won't come to pass. There is a chance that occasionally HIVE will experience a pump that has no effect on the price of Steem and vice versa.

Just as I noted a few months ago, Steem receives a 100% pump from $0.21 to $0.42. After seeing this massive pump, I checked the price of HIVE, which has not moved in tandem with Steem. There are times when a whale or investor prefers only these coins.

In my opinion, HIVE coin is superior to STEEM for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons is that the HIVE platform is more secure than Steemit, which is decentralised, whereas #steemit is centralised and controlled by Justin Sun. He has the ability to manipulate the Steem market at any time, which may result in the loss of users.

However, HIVE is devoid of such constraints, and no one can manipulate or control the ecosystem or the coin's price. I hope you find this post informative and useful. If you find the post useful, please reblog it so that it reaches a large number of people who will benefit from it. Also, remember to upvote, as this will help me financially and grow my account.


Please keep in mind that I am not a financial advisor. Never, ever take anything I say as financial advice. Conduct your own research. Before making any investment decisions, consult with a professional investment advisor! My posts are strictly for entertainment purposes!

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Yes, I noticed this thing too, I think there will be a time when these symmetries will definitely break.

Net of investors, at a certain point the need to choose will arise for users and I believe that there is no starting point between Hive and Steemit.

Nice post!