Investment Red Flags: Signs of a Scam Project

This is not easy to chose a right investment because what I know around 50% of investment projects are scam and they are brought online to take people money. In this post I will discuss about how to know investment projects are scam and what are their signs.

The first thing about the scam project is that they lack transparency. What does this word means? Transparency is something where their scope and future is not defined. Or they donot provide detail and clear information about their investment projects.

Taking the example of #hive . In this project every thing is clear and in detail information. Where there left no doubt about the investors regarding this project. If the same is in other investment projects then consider it legit else the project is scam.

Another sign of scam project is that they offer unrealistic returns. What I mean with this word, that they offer you huge returns on your small amounts. Just like 3 Alliance which was the scam project who offer investors 33% on monthly basis.

This is impossible that any project can give you that huge amount of money every month. Because its impossible for them to earn that amount of money themselves. Therefore, if the projects offers you huge return which is not expected then consider it a scam project.

Unrealistic Returns and Other Warning Signs

They also pressurize you to invest as soon as you can. They offer you huge returns but with condition that invest as soon as you can because the offer is for limited time. And when you invest you cant withdraw instantly. They give you time and time unless they do scam and ran away.

These projects are mostly unregulated and unregistered from the government. Before investing with any project Check whether the investment project and its organizers are registered with relevant authorities if not they are often red flags.

Scam projects have no clear business ideas and they dont mention how they earn money and what are their business markets. They offer false reasons of generating money which does not make sense. So, be cautious from this kind of investment projects.

They have fake reviews which have their own circle people. What they do a group of people give positive review under their project so that to attract investors attention. How to check the reviews are fake? You can check if usernames are co-related and their comments one after another.

Recruitment system is their another technique. They offer you to bring more people and earn extra rewards. If the focus is on recruitment rather than a genuine investment opportunity, it may be a ponzy scheme and scam project.

What do you people think about scam projects and what their ways to scam people? Will you people agree with my thinking and words? Will be glad to see your answers in the comment below.

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Thank you so much for this invaluablе information. Rеading your post makеs mе fееl as if you wеrе dirеctly advising mе. I havе suffеrеd a lot at thе hands of scammеrs. I wasn't paying attеntion to thеsе signs bеcausе I was alrеady undеr prеssurе trying to savе my sick mum. Out of thе #100,000 (approximatеly $127) I had in my bank account, I sеnt #50,000 to my mum for hеr mеdical trеatmеnt whilе I invеstеd littlе by littlе out of thе rеmaining #50,000 I had until it was complеtеly dеplеtеd from my account.

I invеstеd in an advеrtisеmеnt on a sitе I saw on Facеbook and contactеd thе pеrson through thе WhatsApp numbеr providеd in thе advеrt. It was all about onlinе markеting, gеtting ordеrs, and sеlling itеms. Thеy madе it sееm likе a cеrtain amount must bе paid bеforе thеy rеlеasе an ordеr for you to fulfill, and that's how thеy incrеasеd thе amount for еach ordеr at еvеry stagе. I was еagеr to rеach thе еnd of it, as only onе lеvеl was lеft.

I had to takе a loan of #150,000 ($190) from a loan app, which I dееply rеgrеttеd as it causеd mе significant financial loss. I couldn't propеrly takе carе of my sick mum, and on top of that, I facеd thrеats from thе loan agеnt duе to my ovеrduе loan. It took mе 2 months to rеpay thе loan using my salary, and it wasn't еasy as I еncountеrеd challеngеs mееting my work rеsponsibilitiеs and providing for mysеlf.

Your post highlights crucial warning signs, and I hopе it hеlps othеrs avoid thе samе pitfalls.