Splinterlands: A Decentralized Play-to-Earn Game with Earning Potential

We all know that hive blockchain brings many decentralized play to earn games. Among all these one of those games are #Splinterlands which is the game of card, trade and battle. Every time you play this game with every winning battle you will earn SPS as rewards.

The main way to earn from this game is to play ranked battles which is simply to go to the battle page. Also the earning depends upon the level and once you reach the bronze level 2 you will start earning after every single battle you win.

This is the game of interest and fun which resembles like a Dota all star game. In that game heroes will fight in the battle but in Splinterlands cards will battle for you. You can invest in this game by buying good cards and also can give them to rent which will give you passive income.

The good thing about this game is that it is powered by blockchain technology which means you can earn from your cards in variety of ways. You can combine cards to gain levels, you can trade your card with anyone, you can sell your card and convert to any crypto and also rent cards to other players.


Which means this games allow you to earn active and passive income. When you play a battle and win your battle you will earn active income in the form of SPS token. And when you rents your card to anyone it allows you to give passive income with good ROI.

Keep in mind that joining this game will charge you only 10 dollars to buy a spell book which is the random card. This spell way cards will allow you to take start in the game and this is one time investment. After that you can play battles and earn sps token or further you can buy different cards.

The levels in this game are very important which help you to increase your earning. The levels can be upgraded by playing more battle games and its better to win battle games. There are two types of card in this game one is Summoners and the other is Monsters.

Summoners are basically those cards which leads in the battle while monsters are the cards which is called by summoners to do battle. These are the basic things about splinterlands that must be understand in order to play the game with more interest.

I am new joiner in this game and I am learning many new things about this game. these are the initials learning about this game which I shared with you. I will keep on learning and will keep on sharing my knowledge with you guys.

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