The Battle for Cryptocurrency in Pakistan: Unveiling the Truth Behind the Government's Ban and the Heroic Stand of Waqar Zaka

As you all know that 2 weeks before minister of finance and revenue announced a bad news for all the crypto holders in Pakistan. The news was that they ban Cryptocurrency and they also stated that this will never be legalized in Pakistan and for that many people refused to accept their statement.

Experts and other big investors stood against their statement and told that they will never accept this ban of crypto in Pakistan unless they make a proper rule of ban of crypto in constitution. There is no any constitution of crytpo ban and regulation and we will not accept any wrong statement regarding Cryptocurrency.

The finance minister "AISHA GHOUS" said that FATF demands to ban cryptocurrency in order to stay in grey list. Staying in grey list for Pakistan is very must because this country is in full debt and they can't request loan from other countries or IMF if they dont stay in grey list.

This makes worry every crypto investors thinking that their statement of doing ban might be correct because country must stay in grey list. But the king "WAQAR ZAKA" who is the expert in crypto industry understand the wrong policy of the government regarindg crypto ban.

Pakistan's Government vs. the People's Demand for Financial Freedom

He came live in social media saying that I challenge finance minister if they show us the letter received from FATF requesting for crypto ban. If they show me the letter I will quit trading cryptocurrency and also will end all my social media channels. For this the finance minister stays silent without answering to it.

After a week of hot discussion FATF write a statement saying that we have not requested any crypto Ban in Pakistan and denies minister statement. This is the reality of the governments who wants to ban crypto without having any solid reason. Thanks to Waqar Zaka for fighting against these corrupts and favoring cryptocurrency in the country.

So for the Pakistani's there is no any way for the government to ban Crypto and they no sold reason to ban it. It is very must for all of us to raise voice against these bully statements because we need cryptocurrency in the country.
This is the only platform which allows us to earn money in this high inflation times.

Cryptocurrency is not only must needed for the citizens but also government needs to pay attention towards it. Because crypto has the potential to pays country's debt and you can live a freedom life without begging others for the loan. This is a thinking time for the government to either ban crypto or not.

What do you people think about governments why they want to ban cryptocurrency? What are the reasons they force citizens to not be engage in crypto? Will be glad to see your answers in the comment below.

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