What's a Satisfactory APR in Trading?

Crypto trading is another fantastic field where people can earn good money if they are familiar with trading and know the rules of trading. Spending 5 years of the life in learning trading is enough to give handsome amount of money for the rest of the life.

The question for todays post is that "What's your earning APR when trading?" What must be the APR profit in the field of trading to be satisfied and live a good living. This is very simple we have to compare with other markets which give with higher profit.

Just like Banks which are offering 20-24% APR right now in Pakistan. Similarly, #hive ecosystem offers you with maximum of 20% if you put your amount in #HBD savings. These are the two best markets with best APR offering. I search alot to find a better APR but I found these two the best.

Lets consider 24% APR the best profit. Now, how much should trading gives you profit to make you satisfy? Its clear that an earning more than 24% APR is best and suitable. If you can make money more than 24% in trading then thats the best option.

Personally, I had experience before in #Crypto trading and to be honest I earn around 3-5% monthly basis. My earning with trading is simple. I tried Sport grid trading with #HIVE. I put my investment in that grid trading for about two months and APR was calculated more than 3% at least.

One month It was around 4% and the other month it was around 3.4% which is amazing. If its calculated yearly the APR must be 34-40% easily. This was my experience with #Hive but not all coin will give that much APR profit.

Comparing Crypto Trading APR to Other Markets

The reason is that not all coins are pumping coin just like #hive. I stated before in my post that if you want to go for grid trade then its better to select pumping coin .This is because when more buying and selling will occur the more APR it will make for you.

I also tried grid trading with BTC/USDT. But it was only 3% which makes yearly 30%. Still good then banks and Hive. But what is the drawback of using grid trading and why I came out of it?

The major draw back is that you will only earn passive income without having capital gain. Your amount will not grow by the passage of time rather it will give you simple passive income. Just like #hive which gives active and passive income and also a capital gain.

There are other traders who earn even more than 50% annually but not with grid strategy. They are expert traders and they are real risk takers which they trade with huge amount of money which gives them huge profit.

How much APR you get after trading and what is your current strategy? Do you think Grid trading is the best for earning passive income? Will be glad to see your answer in the comment section.

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I have been thinking about this for some time, how to measure my Hive APR but recently I have been adding more to my position, this month I'm done with buying the 10k goal I had for this year and then just keep growing my account daily from there I want to keep an excel and see how it goes, I guess when bull market kicks in will be interesting because from some data I have seen around that's when the most people join and start been active